1 Toyota SUV has overtaken the Toyota Land Cruiser as the longest-running SUV | Jobs Reply

The Toyota Land Cruiser is a high-mileage champ, easily able to cover 200,000 miles or more. Search one of your favorite online classifieds and it’s not uncommon to see them listed with this kind of mileage, still in good condition with plenty of life left. According to iSeeCars, the Toyota Land Cruiser has a long potential lifespan. But there is one Toyota SUV that destroys it.

In a recent survey by iSeeCars, the Toyota Sequoia bested the Land Cruiser. Not surprisingly, both vehicles have a lot in common. They are both large, three-row SUVs and share many of the same mechanical components. Yet the Sequoia manages to best its Land Cruiser sibling as the new high mileage champ.

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