19th Holiday with Hero shopping spree helps Carson City kids celebrate Christmas in style | Carson City Nevada News | Jobs Reply

On Wednesday, the 19th annual Holiday and Hero shopping spree took place at North Carson City’s Walmart, benefiting 160 children across the school district.

Each K-8 student is given a $100 gift card to the store so their hero (a volunteer first responder from a variety of professions) can help them with their shopping.

This year, each child was also given a card on a lanyard that describes their needs, such as toys, Pokemon cards, dolls, etc., and their needs, such as a winter coat or new shoes.

Students who are eligible to shop in Pre-K or high school will be given gift cards as well, so they can shop on their own time.

About 25 different divisions of first responders, law enforcement and the military have signed up to donate their time for Holiday with a Hero, from the Carson City Sheriff’s Office, to the National Guard, FBI, Coast Guard, Bureau of Land Management, and many more.

“We wouldn’t be able to do this event without all these organizations,” said Holiday and Warrior organizer Daniel Gonzales. “This program has grown beyond our limits, and as it grew, we realized how important this partnership is.”

Gonzales, a captain with the Carson City Sheriff’s Office, often says that for many children who participate in Holiday with a Warrior, they have already interacted with members of law enforcement — often on “their worst day.”

By providing an opportunity to interact with first responders in a positive way, such as the Hero Holiday and other community events, it allows for bridge building and helps restore trust in law enforcement.

Now that the program is in its 19th year, the benefits have begun to fully emerge, Gonzales said.

“Some of the children who have shopped with us have grown up and we use their time here as adults,” said Gonzales. “They wrap gifts, or some of them join the military or are responders themselves, and they’re able to come full circle with the program.”

Holiday with the Warrior has started with the scholarship program, and this year, a golf tournament was held with all the money that went into the scholarship fund.

“We couldn’t do this without the generosity of the community,” said Gonzales. “If we don’t have donations, we can’t even get to today. And if we don’t have volunteers, we won’t get to the next step. We have many citizens and organizations who believe in our actions. The program they have stepped up to support.”

To learn more about Carson City’s Holiday with a Hero, please visit https://www.holidaywithahero.com/

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