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It’s been a bit of a shock to the auto world since it was revealed at the recent LA Auto Show — the next-generation Toyota Prius is actually sleek and attractive.

“People call it ‘sexy,’ and we love it,” said Lisa Materazzo, VP of Marketing for Toyota USA.

Over the past few decades, the Prius has become an automotive legend of sorts. First, the slightly frumpy 2001-2003 sedan to bring hybrid technology to the road, then the iconic sloped-back shape that would really define the car for the 2004 model year. There was a smoothing of that basic shape in 2010, then another redesign in 2016 with some interesting angles. Still, it wasn’t what anyone would call a “sexy” car.

Now, the 2023 Prius is boldly coming as a head-turning design that ditches boringness once and for all.

“It’s low, it’s wide, it’s sleek. It’s definitely a vehicle that focuses on styling with a modern look,” Materazzo explained.

But it’s not just about looks. Toyota has managed to refine the technology quite a bit. Horsepower improves, as does acceleration. This new Prius is no slouch, and the handling is now somewhat athletic. At least for a Prius, that is.

Fuel efficiency is only slightly improved at 57 mpg combined. But keep in mind, that figure equates to 60% more horsepower than the outgoing Prius.

We hear a lot about all-electric cars these days, and Toyota has them, plus more. However, they also said that the hybrid vehicle is not yet available. The company is taking a holistic approach to the future.

“And the reason behind that is consumers have different wants and needs, so we want to offer the widest possible range. Hybrids are a key part of that strategy. We think it’s a seamless transition for consumers who want to be part of that transition. For electrification, Materazzo noted.

The Prius has had a long and illustrious life over the years, which seemed to put people in one camp whether or not they wanted to own one. The attractive new 2023 Prius may finally change many minds to the “yes” side It will arrive in dealerships next month, with models starting at $28,545 with shipping.

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