3 Taiwan 5G Mobile Network Operators Dominate Mobile Experience Awards | Jobs Reply

TAIPEI, Dec. 21 (CNA) Taiwan’s 5G mobile network market is extremely dynamic with fierce competition, but the Mobile Experience Awards have been dominated by three out of five national operators, according to the latest awards report from Opensignal, a UK-based mobile analytics company -Company specializing in the analysis of consumers’ mobile experiences.

Chunghwa Telecom won all four speed awards straight away – Download Speed ​​Experience, Upload Speed ​​Experience, 5G Download Speed ​​and 5G Upload Speed. Of the four, it retained three from the last report, replacing FarEasTone as the sole winner in the Upload Speed ​​Experience category, driven by a 1.8 Mbps (14.7 percent) increase in overall upload speeds, according to Opensignals December -Report.

The operator won the 5G Download Speed ​​Award for the third consecutive year. This time, Chunghwa Telecom won with 374.1 Mbps, which was 102.9 Mbps (37.9 percent) faster than second-place FarEasTone with 271.2 Mbps.

Taiwan Mobile won all six experience awards. It was the clear winner of the Games Experience Award and tied with Chunghwa Telecom for the Video Experience Award, Voice App Experience, 5G Video Experience, 5G Games Experience and 5G Voice App Experience Award.

Taiwan Mobile was also the sole winner of both Consistent Quality Awards.

Meanwhile, FarEasTone was again the clear winner of the 5G availability award, as 5G users spent the majority of the time on its network with an active 5G connection of 33.8 percent.

Chunghwa Telecom came in second with 30.6 percent. As a result, FarEasTone’s lead was sharply reduced to 23.3 percent from the last report, when it gained 38.7 percent ahead of Chunghwa Telecom, Taiwan Star Telecom (T Star) and Taiwan Mobile at 21.8 percent, according to the latest Taiwan Mobile Network Experience by Opensignal Report.

The five operators in Taiwan also include T Star and Asia Pacific Telecom.

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