5G-Advanced will push the boundaries of 5G technology | Jobs Reply

The speed and depth of 5G (opens in new tab) Acceptance have exceeded all expectations. Less than two years after standardization was completed, 5G is already covering half of all countries and serving almost a third of the world’s population. With two billion connections projected by 2025 and one billion connections expected by the end of the year, 5G is on track to become the fastest adopted mobile phone (opens in new tab) technology in history.

About the author

Barbara Paglio is Executive Director for Advanced Air Mobility and IoT Technical Director at the GSMA (opens in new tab).

As you might expect, the technology will be rolled out in different phases. 5G-Advanced, part of the 3GPP Release 18 planned for 2024, will be the latest milestone in the 5G era.

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