5G in India will boost online gaming, agriculture, education and the sector in the coming days: experts | Jobs Reply

In India, 5G will empower the masses by boosting the economy by adding better infrastructure. Apart from the economy and people’s lives, the 5G evolution will expand and give a boost to the online gaming sector, especially cloud gaming. “With 5G, cloud gaming will be a big thing in India. The future of 5G in India is bright and will see 30 million 5G users in India by January 2023,” Umang Jindal, Head of Network Solutions Software and Performance, Ericsson told BGR at the BGR.in Tech Excellence Awards 2022. Also Read – 5G Coming Soon in India: How to Check if Your Smartphone Supports 5G Network

“That 5G will have an impact on the urban area is a well-known fact, but in reality it will also have an impact on the rural area when it comes to advances in the agricultural sector. Aside from agriculture, the 5G revolution will bring huge change in education system as well as better progress in cottage industries,” Jindal added. Also read – Reliance Jio poised to roll out 5G network in India, leads auction with bid of Rs 88,078 crore

India’s average data traffic per smartphone is the highest in the world at around 25 GB per month. It is expected to grow at a CAGR of 14 percent to 54 GB per month by 2028. India’s smartphone traffic remains high due to broadband penetration and dirt cheap data rates. Meanwhile, 4G will see the highest number of subscribers by the end of 2022, and 5G will replace those users in the coming years. 5G ranks high compared to 4G network in markets like Europe. About 25 percent of network operators charge a premium of about 40 percent for the 5G network, which affects the 5G adoption rate. Also read – India’s first 5G spectrum auction ends with bids in excess of Rs 1.5 billion, Reliance Jio leads: Details here

The coming phase for gaming growth will be fueled by the adoption of 5G gaming on cloud and mobile devices. A recent report released by Sequoia India and BCG mentions that India’s gaming industry generates $1.5 billion in revenue and is expected to triple to over $5 billion by 2025.

“For gaming, high-speed graphics games will definitely become popular with 5G. And as it evolves, cloud gaming will definitely do better in the Indian market,” said Anku Jain – Managing Director, MediaTek India, at the BGR.in Tech Excellence Awards 2022.

All in all, 5G connectivity would be a great boon for India and even more so for its rural population. According to UN urbanization data, there are currently 7.6 billion people in the world, of whom 4.2 billion live in urban areas and 3.4 billion in rural areas. By 2050, the world population is projected to be 9.8 billion, with 6.7 billion and 3.1 billion divided between urban and rural areas, respectively. The sudden increase in population in the cities will inevitably widen the gap between rich and poor and lead to the emergence of slums, health care and transportation problems.

3G and 4G have major connectivity issues in rural areas as service providers have been unable to generate a business case for their returns that match the needs of the infrastructure investments. 5G will bring significant speed and coverage improvements over 4G, as well as low latency that would revolutionize rural industries like agriculture.

“5G will drastically impact the agricultural sector with 5G rollout in rural India. Production aside, farming would become more efficient. With 5G, drones will also impact farming by analyzing things in the best possible way so farmers can improve things,” concluded Jain.

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