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Technologically advanced and connected devices make a smart smart home. These smart devices run on your Wi-Fi and perform tasks to make your life easier, while also helping you save time, effort and money.

If you wanted to know about smart devices and what they do, read on. We have compiled a list of cool smart home devices.

1. Smart Speakers

Smart Speaker

Perhaps the most popular smart device, the smart speaker is much more than a music speaker. It runs on Wi-Fi and comes with a virtual assistant programmed to respond to your voice. Smart speakers come in compact sizes and are easy to place anywhere in your home such as a kitchen counter or bedside table.

Some have touchscreen displays so you can view recipes and videos, while the higher-end ones offer high-quality sound. Some smart speakers also have a built-in camera so you can make video calls with loved ones and even monitor your home when you’re away.

A smart speaker will answer your questions on various topics, tell you the news, traffic and weather, and even play games with your kids. It also acts as a hub that will allow you to set routines and operate other compatible devices such as light bulbs, water heaters and coffee makers. You can also add skills to connect to more devices and do more.

2. Smart Plugs

Smart Plug Connected to Wall Socket

Smart plugs look like regular plugs and fit into your existing wall outlets. They connect to your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth network and enable you to control various appliances through their companion app or through virtual assistants such as Alexa and Google Assistant.

Once set up, smart plugs allow you to turn appliances on and off and even schedule them to start at a specific time. So you could set your water heater to go on half an hour before you wake up. Or turn on the slow cooker before you leave home and turn it off remotely when the cooking time is over.

Using smart plugs is an easy and cheap way to automate your home. Some even allow you to monitor your energy consumption. To find out more about smart plugs and how you can use them around your home, read our article on what smart plugs can do.

3. Smart Bulbs

Philips Hue smart lighting and Spotify integration -- dancing man.
Image Credit: Signify/Philips Hue

Smart bulbs are well known. They don’t need any additional equipment to run – just plug into your wall socket and turn on. They can light up millions of colors and can be scheduled to turn on at specific times.

But smart bulbs have evolved and now offer many ways to control lighting and create a colorful ambiance in your home. The best ones can sync with your game play, the movies you watch, and the music you love.

Yes, today’s smart bulbs can light up to the beat and tune of your music. So it’s like the light and colors of your music spilling over into your room to create a personalized experience. And you can sync some smart bulbs with Spotify too.

4. Smart Thermostats

Smart Thermostat
Image Credit: Unsplash

Heating and cooling require substantial energy use in the home. However, you can also save significant energy and money with a smart thermostat.

A smart thermostat works by learning how you use energy in your home – like when you heat up your house and when you want to keep it cool. It then registers itself to give you maximum comfort while ensuring energy efficiency.

There are sensors that can detect when no one is around and control the environment accordingly. A smart thermostat is also connected to your phone and can track your location. So when no one is home the heating or cooling is reduced. And before you arrive your home will be tuned to your preferred settings.

5. Smart Cookers

Smart Chef
Image Credit: Amazon

A smart pressure cooker allows you to cook a delicious meal with little effort. Smart cooks are many kitchen items rolled into one. You can weigh food, cut it, mince it, and blend it in one pot.

You can preheat the cooker from your phone or tell Alexa to do it from your bedroom. Some even have a sauté feature to let you cook and sear right in the pot – no need for the skillet.

Some smart cookers come with a steam rack for food and even a touch screen to adjust settings. High-end smart cooks come with a built-in cooking calculator with thousands of preset recipes. You can just add the ingredients and it will guide you through the cooking process.

6. Smart Refrigerators

Smart Refrigerator

A smart fridge connects to other devices over Wi-Fi and many of its functions can be controlled with your smartphone. Smart fridges have a built-in touch screen to interact with, view recipes and videos, and even use it as a photo display, or message board.

Some smart fridges provide both hot and cold water. Set the temperature and amount of water, and you’ll get a notification when it’s done. You can even customize the temperature with a drawer or compartment.

A smart fridge will read recipe steps to you as you cook. Some even have an internal camera so you can see the amount of food inside without opening the door.

7. Smart Showers

Bathroom with Smart Shower

Smart showers can improve your morning routine and refresh you for the day ahead. Compatible with virtual assistants, smart showers can be controlled via your phone or their digital controllers.

Smart showers are designed to save water. They notify you when the set temperature is reached and even pause the flow until you enter the shower.

You will also find smart rain showers with several spray functions to choose from. Some even come with a Bluetooth speaker to enjoy music while you bathe, while others allow you to produce steam at specific temperatures.

8. Smart Mattresses

Couples Sleeping on a Smart Mattress

Smart mattresses are designed to give you a good night’s sleep. They increase your sleeping comfort by controlling temperature and tracking your sleep through sensors. Smart beds can also adjust the firmness and position of the bed to your liking via air tubes with pressure sensors.

What’s more, smart mattresses can also have different temperatures on each side – so your side of the bed can be warmer if you want and your partner’s side can be cooler to sleep on.

The best smart mattresses also have speakers for music and massage features to help you relax before you sleep.

9. Smart Hub

Smart Home Hub

With several smart devices working together in your smart home system, investing in a smart hub for control is a great idea.

A smart hub app lets you access all your rooms based on the devices in them. You can also access your views, automation and more. It allows you to add and connect many devices and control them via Alexa or Google Assistant.

Yes, the Amazon Echo also works as a good hub, but the best dedicated smart hubs offer more sophisticated automation. Some can connect to both Zigbee and Z-Wave devices so you can use an even wider range of products.

Enjoy an Easier and Better Life with Smart Home Devices

Many more types of smart devices are being created and these will become even smarter in the future.

Today, an increasing number of people are enjoying the convenience, ease and savings offered by smart devices. If you haven’t already, now is a good time to start your smart home journey and live a better life with smart devices.

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