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Formula Drift pro driver Ryan Tuark recently completed one of his wild creations called the Formula Supra. Based on current generation the toyota Supra, the Formula Supra is one of the wildest builds we’ve seen yet, based on the A90 Supra platform. Featuring a Judd V10 engine, with a heavy hitting Formula One and LeMans pedigree, Formula Supra is the only thing crazier than Tuerck’s Ferrari swapped GT4586 project.

In a YouTube video from earlier this year, Tuerck is seen taking the Formula Supra to R&D Dyno Performance in Gardena, CA for its inaugural tuning session. Since picking it up, the Formula Supra has traveled around the country, attended GridLife events, appeared in a surprise partner video, and finally landed in Ryan’s home shop in New Hampshire.

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How much power does the F1 V10 Formula Supra make?

With over 2 million views on YouTube, it’s safe to say that many were excited to see what this LeMans engine would do on a dyno. Not only is it one of the most outlandish engines one can put in a car, it’s also among the scariest sounding engines you’ll ever hear. Ryan’s description of the video doesn’t predict what’s going to happen here – “Dyno Time Boys! That’s it! Enjoy!”. As much as we enjoy it, the 10,000 rpm scream of the Supra’s Jude V10 sings a song that almost no one rivals. It’s not all noise though, with an advertised crank hp of 730hp, the Twerk has plenty of power to back up its monster sound. By the end of the video, the results are an impressive 630hp to the rear wheels.

The dyno itself has some interesting history, with Twerk noting early on that this spot, R&D Dyno Performance, was also home to his early drift program. In 2007, Ryan put his 300hp S13 drift car on this dyno. Times have certainly changed for him, a powerhouse in a Formula Drift career turning Ryan Twerk into automotive infamy. Now, he’s on big, media-driven projects like GT4586, the Toyota Stout SEMA project, and the Formula Supra you see here.

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More details on Jude V10 and Toyota Formula Supra

Toyota Formula Supra side angle
Ryan Twerk via Facebook

You might assume that a pro drifter like Ryan Twerk would build a car for one purpose only, drifting. Which is a fair guess, given the guys profession. However, like many people in motorsport, Mr. Tuerck is not a one trick pony. Formula Supra is built with some drift car technology, such as a hydraulic handbrake. But, it is not a purpose built drift car. Sure, it’s RWD, has plenty of power, and can slide into some corners with the best of them

Ryan Twerk's Formula Supra Drift Car
Ryan Twerk via Instagram

The concept of Formula Supra was to create a multi-function car. Can flow in a demo as expected, as well as compete at a high level in time attack racing. To achieve this, Formula Supra has multiple setup options, allowing things like steering angle to be changed for each event depending on the car’s purpose. There’s also a quick-change rear end, allowing Tuerck and team to pick gearing that will compliment a big track or a short drift demo. The car itself is a work of art, a combo of exotic race car parts like big aero, carbon fiber, and custom-made centerlock wheels by Rotiform.

Ryan Tuerck drives the V10 Supra on back roads
via YouTube

No doubt though, this is the star engine of the show. As we already touched on, this MK5 Toyota Supra packs a Formula One-derived Judd V10 engine under the hood. In fact, the Judd GV4 V10 that Tuerck and his team shoehorned into this thing was actually designed for LeMans prototype racing. But, the engine has enough F1 heritage that calling it a Formula One engine is a lot more fun. 730hp, mated to a Hollinger sequential gearbox, and that sound. It’s enough to make you forget everything else this car has to offer. Which is a shame, because everywhere you look it’s an engineering marvel.

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The Man Behind the Madness of the Formula Supra V10, Ryan Twerk

Formula Drift Pro Ryan Twerks ahead of Formula Supra
via ryantuerck.com

Not to be outdone by his car, Ryan Twerk, the creator of Formula Supra, is one of the most recognizable figures in Formula Drift. Not only is he a top performer, Ryan is also capitalizing on his career with a strong YouTube presence. Tuerck developed his current drift program (partnered with fellow FD star Chris Forsberg) out of a race service shop in Los Angeles. A media and design powerhouse combined with race service, Tuerck is as popular as ever in his long time with professional drifting. With over 17 years on the books at Formula Drift, we’re excited to see what he comes up with next.

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