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What’s happening

T-Mobile describes how fixed wireless access – particularly its 5G home internet – is disrupting the broadband market.

Why it matters

ISPs are consistently one of the industries most complained about by US consumers. Increased competition and more options mean better choices for you.

T-Mobile released a new study on Wednesday announcing the progress of its technology T Mobile Home Internet among consumers, however, also speaks for the greater effect 5G fixed WiFi (including competitors Verizon 5G Home Internet) to connect more people in the US.

Relying on its proprietary data and information from OpenVault and Leichtman Research, T-Mobile said its home Internet service has already attracted more than 2 million customers. Last year it accounted for 78% of the 3.28 million US broadband net adds T Mobile and Verizon.

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It’s not shocking that customers would flock to newer options. We found over the summer that when the The American Customer Satisfaction Index has released its 2022 report on ISPsThe industry had fallen to last place among all US sectors, with ISPs even falling behind gas stations and social media.

Poor customer satisfaction is a major reason for T-Mobile’s aggressive customer acquisition. One of the slogans is “Take a bit out of Big Internet”. But T-Mobile has also asked its customers for specific reasons why they switched to 5G internet. Over 58% cited lower price as the main reason, while 41% said it was a good thing no annual contract. Perhaps most interestingly, more than a third of customers indicated that the mere availability of a new option was a major reason for their decision to switch.

Pie chart showing the percentage of where landline customers previously sourced their internet service

T-Mobile’s study shows that 51% of its more than 2 million home internet customers are leaving the cable internet provider.

T Mobile

All of this comes less than a month later Consumer Reports published a year-long broadband cost study. The conclusion was that more competition is needed to provide US consumers with adequate Internet access choices and options. Now the arrival of this T-Mobile study essentially drills the point home.

“Fixed wireless is disrupting a historically disrupted broadband industry, providing choice and competition at a time when consumers need it most,” said Mike Katz, T-Mobile’s chief marketing officer, in a statement.

T-Mobile’s report also underscores expectations that 5G fixed-line consumption will continue to grow, with T-Mobile and Verizon expected to add between 11 and 13 million subscribers by 2025.

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