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Toyota Land Cruiser Prado
The overseas Toyota Prado forms the basis of our Lexus GX and could be the direction of a US-bound Land Cruiser.

We’ve heard that the Toyota Land Cruiser will return to the US as a 2024 model.

If we get a Toyota Land Cruiser, that is may be Unique to the United States and different from foreign 300 Series models. Our sources familiar with the matter say the next US Toyota Land Cruiser will share the Lexus GX/Prado platform with an inline, turbocharged four-cylinder hybrid setup. It sounds too fantastic to actually happen (so, take it with a grain of salt), especially given the already beefy lineup.

Think about it: their current fleet includes the Corolla Cross, RAV4, Highlander, 4Runner and Sequoia. Move into the automaker’s luxury division and you have the Lexus UX, NX, RX, GX and LX. They are a lot of crossovers and SUVs. It looks like this rumored Land Cruiser will compete as an alternative to the venerable 4Runner and possibly the GX. For some of us, it doesn’t make a ton of marketing money. Why not just take out a new 4Runner – it’s only been 13 years – and call it good?

With more to come, the next-generation 4Runner is set to debut in the next few years. Maybe this Toyota Land Cruiser update will be the equivalent of Jeep’s Wrangler? It may be their most solid-core off-roader yet, allowing the 4Runner to remain an all-around utility vehicle.

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado

A few more details as per our sources

Again, take this with a grain of salt, as nothing is guaranteed. Our sources say it will feature a turbocharged, 2.4-liter gas engine, mated to a hybrid powertrain. It is said to make around 350 horsepower, and it will be mated to Toyota’s new 10-speed automatic transmission.

There could be three trim levels, including a “Launch Edition,” and they expect to sell around 30,000 units a year. For those of you who remember, the last Toyota Land Cruiser was lucky to sell around 3,000 units here.

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