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Item 8.01 Other Events.

good December 12, 2022, Avista Corporation (Avista Corp. or Company) received a request Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission (Commission) approved the multi-party settlement agreement that was submitted
June 28, 2022Those belonging to the company Washington The 2022 general rate electric and natural gas cases, which were initially presented January 2022.

Approved rates are designed to increase the base annual income
38.0 million dollars (or 6.9 percent), effective December 2022and 12.5 million dollars
(or 2.1 percent), effective December 2023. The agreement is designed to increase annual base natural gas revenue 7.5 million dollars (or 6.5 percent), effective December 2022and 1.5 million dollars (or 1.2 percent), effective
December 2023.

To mitigate the overall impact of revenue increases on customers, beginning on the effective date of this rate case, base rate increases will be partially offset by a residual customer tax credit (described in the 2021 Report on Form 10-K). The estimated benefits of this credit, 27.6 million dollars for electrical customers and 12.5 million dollars for natural gas customers, it will be phased back over two years December 2022 to December 2024.

The commission accepted a rate of return on the rate base of 7.03%, but the approved settlement did not include an explicit return on equity, cost of debt or capital structure.

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