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  • The shopping startup Nate abruptly stopped its creator program.
  • The company sent an email about the change on December 16.
  • The startup has raised $51 million.

Nate, the New York-based shopping startup, has suspended its creator program that pays influencers to promote the app, according to an email obtained by Insider.

The app is known for its “lists” — landing pages where creators can highlight products they use or like.

The company notified members of its creator program about the change on December 16.

“Today we have some bad news,” the company wrote in an email to creators. “Nate is going through some very unpredictable and tumultuous times, and we’ve had to put some operations on hold for the time being, including pausing the Creators Program.”

The creator program primarily pays creators through a commission model. When a promoter shares a link to Nate’s app, they can earn a 5% commission on any sales made. In addition to commissions, Nate will also reward creators for reaching certain milestones in the form of cash bonuses. Bonuses range from $500 to $5,000, according to the company’s website.

The startup raised a total of $51 million after its Series A round closed for $38 million in 2021, according to a statement released by the company.

Some influencers saw changes to the app’s creator plan early last week.

Libby Rasmussen, director of social media marketing for Living Colorful Media, told Insider that last week she noticed a store credit she collected, called Nate Cash, was missing from her app.

Rasmussen said he has $700 in Nate Cash, which was the company’s way of rewarding creators, and now he’s not sure if he’ll get that credit.

“I was angry, and I was thinking about all these people and my friends who had their necks covered by this company,” said Rasmussen. “I feel really bad for all the content creators who created this content and didn’t get compensated like they were told they would.”

“I didn’t have a ton of Nate Cash in my account, but I feel cheated,” content creator Haylee-Rae told Insider. “I can’t imagine how creators with thousands of others feel.”

The email seen by Insider said the creators would not be able to continue receiving cash or milestone rewards, and said Nate Cash is “disabled at this time.”

Nate did not respond to Insider’s request for comment.

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