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After 11 years employed as an engineer, immigrating to Australia for the final year as a sales manager, Amir Hayati quickly discovered that potential employers were more interested in his sales experience. Amir’s first stint in Canberra in 2012 saw him selling door-to-door during the winter months.

He then tried his hand at selling furniture and, after finding it too easy for him, tried to find another challenge. Amir moved into car sales, and bounced between a few brands in the ACT region before joining Canberra Toyota in 2016.

“I learned that Toyota is not just a brand; It is an academy. It teaches you something, it has philosophy and you can learn a lot. You learn a whole new way of doing business; It has morals,” he laughs.

Now in the position of General Manager at Canberra Toyota Philip, Amir ensures that every person who walks through their doors is listened to, respected and given the best advice available. He and his team take the time to ask each customer what they want from their vehicle and how they plan to use it to work with them to find the most suitable model.

“Respect is one of the pillars of the Toyota brand. They insist on showing everything for transparency, taking a guest-centric approach to everything; Every resolution should be guest-centric,” he says.

Canberra Toyota_Amir Hayati
General Manager of Canberra Toyota Phillips, Amir Hayati, encourages people to buy from local car dealerships because of the service they provide and because they can contribute to their community.

What can people expect when they come to Canberra Toyota Phillips?

“The first thing I hear from our customers is that it’s not a pressure environment … some people think you come into a car dealership and pressure to buy a car. We never pressure our salesmen to sell cars. Yes, they like to sell a car, that’s what they do, but not by forcing people to do it,” says Amir.

“Customers feel very comfortable and they will find all our people very helpful. We will do our best to show them the products, that we have heard the inquiries, and match the inquiries with the products we have. They’re definitely going to get some solid advice and they’re going to be able to find at least one car to put in the basket.”

What sets your team apart?

“We have a diverse team from different backgrounds … we speak different languages, have people of all ages and have gender equality. We can easily relate to public groups.

Amir said, “Some people have been here with me for five years, six years, some only for one or two years but they are already experts in what they are doing.

What is your advice for someone looking to buy a car?

“When you go to the dealership, be open and honest with the salespeople. Let them know exactly what you’re asking. Don’t try to withhold anything or any information; they’re not going to use it against you. But the more you tell them, the better.” They can match your requirements with their products and find the right product for you,” suggests Amir.

“I want people in every city to support local dealerships… There’s a lot to buying a car. You may need to take it in for service, you may need parts, you may be waiting for parts for your car, and your local dealership may be able to assist you. Then you go back for your next car, they know these cars and they are more than happy to trade it in, buy it for you and help you with your next car.

“It builds that relationship and it helps a local dealership provide more for their city and their cities where they live and work.”

Canberra Toyota Philip is heavily involved in the local community. They are major partners of St. Vincent de Paul, Cricket Act, Helping Act and Canberra Malayalis Association.

Canberra Toyota_Amir Hayati

Looking for a new set of wheels? Contact Amir Hayati at Canberra Toyota in Phillip 6222 1800 or visit Find your nearest Canberra Toyota dealership.

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