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Trigo again Rewe expand cashless grocery shopping with Germany’s first fully independent store.

A computer vision startup and a large German grocery collection announced On Wednesday (Dec. 14) is the launch of the location in Munich, which is part of the two companies’ “Pick&Go” partnership, where customers enter by scanning their phones when entering, select the items they like, and then check out, from their accounts. it is charged automatically.

“REWE’s first fully independent store marks the start of the second phase of the REWE Pick&Go pilot, the company’s innovation project,” Rewe managing director Peter Maly said in a statement. “Two mixed test markets have shown that independent shopping with REWE Pick&Go is a more enjoyable, convenient, and time-saving option than traditional shopping.”

This location follows on the heels of two private/public locations where a supermarket chain and a technology provider. is open in Germany, the first in Cologne last year and the second in Berlin in June. The transition to full self-regulation, where consumers can shop in the usual way, marks a major change, betting consumer comfort levels and expectations have changed to the point that they are ready to buy a supermarket without anything else.

In fact, this transition to fully automatic marks a departure from Trigo’s predictions in an interview with PYMNTS last year.

“In five years, I believe you will have thousands of independent shops,” Yair Holtzer, Trigo’s vice president of business development, said at the time, specifying that these will include small retail stores in dense, urban areas and large-format supermarkets. “You’ll be able to shop normally, if you want to … but you’ll also be able to choose the green lane to go in, grab things and get out.”

That companies believe that consumers are ready for this change is a testament to how quickly technology has grown, with Trigo and its competitors quickly rolling out frictionless new locations and new store concepts.

For example, Amazon has been expanding its “Just Walk Out” technology to a variety of retailers, including non-Amazon grocerysports field convenience stores, aircraft stores and more.

Research from the PYMNTS study Capturing Customer Loyalty: Customer Loyalty Survey for Retailers 2022created in collaboration with Toshiba Global Commerce Solutionsbased on a survey of more than 2,000 US consumers, finds that 11-12% of grocery shoppers cite payment or fulfillment features as the most important consideration when choosing a grocer.

Get a lesson: Capturing Customer Loyalty: Customer Loyalty Survey for Retailers 2022

The study also found that nearly one-third of those surveyed saw the ability to choose their preferred payment options as an important factor influencing their loyalty to merchants.

In blog post accompanying Wednesday’s announcement, Trigo CEO Michael Gabay revealed more such locations are yet to come.

“This store is a product of the close and long-term relationship between REWE and Trigo, who together, have created efficient and effective processes over time that serve as a model for further store expansion,” said Gabay. “The opening of the first fully independent store in Germany makes a bold statement in the retail industry.”

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