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The joint solution gives CerebrumX access to real-time compliant data from Toyota’s connected vehicles enabling fleet management companies, service providers and operators for safer and simplified fleet operations.

Princeton, NJ, December 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — CerebrumX Labs Inc. (CerebrumX), an AI-powered automotive data services and management platform, announced its partnership with Toyota to provide valuable real-time insights aimed at making connected fleet operations safer and more cost-effective. The focus is on partnerships Reducing total cost of ownership (TCO) for fleets Using embedded telematics data from participating Toyota vehicles to drive data-driven decision-making and upgrade performance.

with possible access Millions of vehicles and owner consent trip data, CerebrumX is currently working with fleet service providers North America. The Augmented Deep Learning Platform (ADLP) collects and analyzes embedded data directly from participating Toyota-connected vehicles so that its fleet managers can show customers real-time streaming telematics, vehicle health data, collisions, service alerts, driver behavior and performance. ADLP further integrates with this data Relevant informationsuch as weather, maps and traffic flow, to empower fleet managers with customized analytics and business-driven insights.

“Connected vehicle data with its rich data set is key to digitizing commercial fleet operations, and lowers total cost of ownership for fleet managers,” said Sandeep RanjanCEO of CerebrumX. We’re excited to work with Toyota to extract value from this data for participating Fleet Manager customers to solve fleet-facing challenges without external hardware or upfront costs.”

By harnessing the power of connected vehicle data, the CerebrumX Smart Fleet Management solution enables participating fleet managers to expand their vehicle portfolio and enjoy countless benefits with their Toyota connected vehicles. Data allows for easy identification of vehicle needs, optimal scheduling of maintenance appointments, fuel consumption management, crash data analysis, breakdown prevention and more. While this insight Significantly reducing fleet costsIt’s direct Affects driver safety And overall productivityEnables participating fleet managers to control real-time updates and reduce downtime at a lower cost of ownership.

“We are delighted to team up with CerebrumX to continue to deliver high impact value to Toyota fleet customers,” said josh bowl, General Manager of Digital Mobility and Software First Connected Technologies, Toyota Motor North America. “Using data from connected vehicles, we’re helping our partners provide the actionable insights they need to achieve a safer and more efficient fleet.”

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CerebrumX (www.cerebrumx.ai) uses artificial intelligence to deliver trusted data and high-quality insights to businesses to innovate, optimize operations and drive key decisions using smart data. Our industry’s first ubiquitous data management platform is used by our partners (OEMs, media, insurers, fleet companies and smart cities/municipalities) across the edge and core networks. CerebrumX’s Augmented Deep Learning Platform (ADLP) collects and aggregates sparse data from our partners and other third-party apps and devices to enable connected vehicle data previously untapped at any significant level. Integrated Automotive Ecosystem. Headquarter of CerebrumX Princeton, NJWith offices across the USA and NA, EMEA and APAC.

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