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On Friday evening, December 9, the Community Center in Farmington is filled with people exploring the farms and various vendors organized during the A Jolly Good Night food hall. Downtown businesses stay open late to encourage shopping at local vendors. Pam Harnden/Livermore Falls Advertiser

FARMINGTON — Downtown stores and the Community Center were packed Friday night, Dec. 9, during A Jolly Good Night.

A tree decorated with baking dishes and lights greets shoppers Friday evening, Dec. 9, in downtown Farmington. Pam Harnden/Livermore Falls Advertiser

At Mixed Up on Main Street, Sharon Gilsleider of Dixfield spent a few minutes talking about the cheese making demonstration she was going to do at Divine Inspirations.

Instant mozzarella cheese using cow’s milk takes 30-45 minutes to make, he said. “It’s ready to use the same day, using basic cheese making techniques,” he noted.

Gilsleider also planned to discuss all types of cheese and what milk can be used to make different cheeses.

“The mixture carries all the necessary enzymes [to make cheese],” said Gilsleider. “A fun family event for all ages.”

Gilsleider’s presentation was not an indepth class, so people could see how easy it is to make cheese at home. “The flavor is very good, it has a very good flavor,” he commented. He also plans to share how to use homemade cheese for different purposes and give cooking ideas.

Gilsleider has been making cheese for 15-20 years, teaching classes at various adult education programs across the country. Those interested should contact Diane at Mixed Up to schedule a feta-making class.

Gillsleider sources milk for cheese making from local farms. The milk for the show comes from Conant Acres in Canton, she said. “Conant is the supplier of Cabot, their quality of milk does not change, it is five minutes away from me,” he said. The recipe used in the show can be changed, he noted. “You can also use powdered milk – it won’t taste the same but it will work,” he added.

He also uses goat’s milk which has less lactose than cow’s milk and was planning to visit a Rangeley farm to get water buffalo milk. “It has a lot of fat, it makes really good cheese,” he said.

Michelle McIntire of Phillips was browsing the books available at Twice Sold Tales. Earlier in the day, he had taken the teenagers to Sugarloaf and they stopped at a bookstore afterward, he said.

During the food hall event on Friday evening, December 9, at the Farmington Community Center Pat and Karen Cyr were spotted with Terry Cullenberg at the Ora Breads display. Pam Harnden/Livermore Falls Advertiser

There was limited parking at the community center after 5pm when the food hall was located. 20 local farm and food vendors are set up on the main floor of the building. The space in front of the stalls was at a premium as lots of people bought carrots, jam, syrup, cakes and other things. Others used the hot food offerings to feed themselves while they explored the various offerings on display.

On Friday evening, December 9, Cade Kyes, a one and a half year old planter looks up while at the Farmington Community Center. The food hall at the center was part of A Jolly Good Night. Pam Harnden/Livermore Falls Advertiser

Friends stopped and greeted each other. Some people stop at information booths to learn more about school garden projects and other food-related efforts in the area.

With a sense of joy in the air it was A Jolly Good Night.

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