Chelan County Lodging Tax Funding for Events, Festivals | Jobs Reply

Chelan County commissioners are determining which businesses and groups will receive money from lodging taxes collected by the county to help host an event or festival.

The money is awarded based on a number of factors, such as whether the event will boost tourism and convention activity or boost overnight stays and retail sales in the region.

Curator Tiffany Gering says the process is competitive.

“Since we have a budget amount that we will distribute, we decide if we want to allocate more, determining the total amount that people are asking for, if it fits the criteria, and then take that plate of recommendations to the council. commissioners,” said Gering.

The Chelan County Lodging Tax Advisory Board is collecting applications for the grant, and commissioners will meet Friday to decide whether it will be awarded to applicants.

There are about $300,000 in grants this year.

Gering says there can often be big events in the race, which can have a big impact on the economy, such as Rails and Ales.

Rails and Ales is an annual gathering in downtown Wenatchee where the snow is spread on a sloping street for skiers and snowboarders to participate in the competition hosted by the Mission Ridge resort.

Badger Mountain is adjacent to the competition and also participates in the event.

Gering said there are about 30 applications in the works for lodging tax money this year.

The full list of criteria considered for granting grants is as follows:

  • Increases tourism and convention activity in Chelan County.
  • Increases overnight stays and/or increases retail sales, especially in Chelan County.
  • Availability of Funds. Funding available for events/promotions is $280,000.
  • Complies with state law reporting requirements.
  • Overall economic impact in Chelan County.

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