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Dear Editor:

Once upon a time, I firmly believed that the Christmas season brought a season of joy, harmony and celebration. It was as if the Christmas spirit waved a magic wand over the community and, voila, everyone was suddenly warm and friendly, and everything seemed so beautiful. The Yuletide spirit brought people closer together. It was a time of reconciliation. Minor differences between neighbors were set aside. Today, sadly, that is no longer the case.

Once again, we come to yet another holiday season. A time that many see in their own special way, by rushing to the mall of their choice. The frenzy of “Black Friday” and the wild, crazy “sales frenzy” ushered in the Holiday season. People violently taunt and taunt each other as they fight for the last merchandise on the shelf. Words of contempt have replaced holiday greetings. Indeed, experiencing – and surviving – “Black Friday” and, to put it mildly, the annual Christmas shopping frenzy, just hardens one to the upcoming “end of Christmas” sales.

Unfortunately, many have forgotten the true meaning of Christmas. The birth of the Savior 2,000 years ago gave mankind – living in a world suffering from the disease of corruption – the healing medicine of uncompromising, self-sacrificing love.

Christmas represents the compassion of the past, the determination and resolve of the present, and the endless hope of the future. Indeed, from a personal perspective, Christmas in the heart puts Christmas in the spirit.

Christmas is not – never has been – about “horror shopping” in supermarkets and department stores. Seuss told us: “Maybe Christmas . . . not from the store; maybe Christmas, maybe, means more.” Sir Winston Churchill noted that “Christmas is not only a season of joy but of reflection.”

Without a doubt, Christmas offers each of us a unique opportunity to reflect on those who play – and, sadly, those who have played – an important part of our lives.

We should remember that this Holiday season.

John Di Genio

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