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READING, PA – A non-profit against youth violence and justice for justice is a point of positivity following the arrests in a shooting in Brookline Park that left three people dead and three others injured.

“I was happy, but I was happy,” said Seleda Simmons, the only thing I’m really happy about with Real Deal 610 is the results our District Attorney is bringing.

She says she feels like we only talk to her when something bad happens involving youth, but in that case after a break, she’s rejoining TLC Fore Reading community development for some holiday events.

“It’s the holiday season now we’re doing a toy drive,” said Tillman Sims with TLC Fore Reading.

There are several places to collect toys, including right here at 645 Penn Street.

“We’re going to have a wrap party at Schlegel’s Fieldhouse, so all the toys we’ve collected will come from everyone,” Sims said.

That’s not all, on Saturday, the kids will enjoy a holiday dinner, more gifts and entertainment.

“Fight in peace,” Sims said. “So we’ll be feeding 70 to 100 kids inside Stirling Palace. Fully equipped.”

It all culminates just before Christmas Eve, on December 23, with a Santa train ride. TLC Fore Reading and The Real Deal say they are working on this holiday partnership to bring youth real bonding events.

“With all these toy drives and events that happen, they all have meaning, they all have a purpose, but what I’m trying to do is give it a little more history, a little deeper purpose,” Sims said.

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