Council blocks 5G mast in front of Cassiobury Park Tennis Club | Jobs Reply

A bid to install a 5G mast in front of a tennis club was rejected after 66 objections.

The mast proposed by CK Hutchinson’s Network, Three’s parent company, would have stood 20 meters tall in front of Cassiobury Park Tennis Club in The Gardens.

Between November 17 and December 7, 66 objections were received from citizens, some of whom called the mast a “tragic eyesore”, “atrocity” and “completely inconsistent with the character of the area”.

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Neighbors claimed the tennis courts’ spaciousness was compromised by the pole and associated equipment cabinets.

Objections also mentioned that it would block part of the pavement, but Watford Borough Council found the pavement’s remaining width of 1.9 meters acceptable.

The council decision released yesterday (December 22) reads: “The proposed placement of the mast adjacent to open tennis courts and within a sweeping domestic scale residential street, as well as the size and appearance of the mast and associated cabinetry, takes into account the character and appearance of the site to affect significantly.

“It is not believed that alternative locations have been fully explored or that the damage inflicted would outweigh the benefits of providing 5G coverage to the surrounding area.”

According to the officials’ report, only four alternative sites were explored as options, which were not considered exhaustive.

CK Hutchinson had described the height of the mast as the minimum needed to bring the benefits of 5G to the area, adding that “existing mast sites are unable to support additional equipment”.

The application states: “Three is committed to improved network coverage and capacity, particularly in relation to 5G services.

“It is believed that the proposed street pole clearly represents the optimal environmental solution to extend coverage to the target community.”

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