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Redmi TV vs OnePlus TV: The OnePlus TV threatening the Redmi TV in India which has been in the market for a long time and is well known to the people. Both OnePlus LED TV and Redmi LED TV are synonymous with low-cost products, but the latter belongs more to the category of products that are available at affordable prices and offer popular features.

At some points, the OnePlus smart TV comes first and at some point, Redmi smart TV won the battle but that does not mean that anyone is bad or good. Well! To make your purchase decision easier and correct, here we have compared the two televisions on some basic points. this Smart TV buying guide Will help you see the differences between smart tv pricesdisplays, sound, connectivity, software, performance, and other aspects.

Redmi TV vs OnePlus TV: Which has the best display and design?

Both televisions have good ratings i smart tv review. According to the design, the two smart TVs are similar, thanks to a non-curved screen, a metal frame, and ultra-slim bezels.

However, the Redmi TV is no slouch either, thanks to its HDR10-certified 4K LED display and picture-enhancing Vivid Picture Engine technology.

In comparison, the OnePlus TV comes with a 4K HDR10 + QLED display, Dolby Vision support, and industry-leading color rendering (DCI-P3: 96%, NTSC: 120%).

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Redmi TV vs OnePlus TV: Which Has Better Sound?

The Redmi LED TV comes with 20W stereo speakers with DTS Tru Sound support as well as Dolby Audio.

The OnePlus LED TV comes with four speakers and dual 10W woofers that offer a total sound output of 50W. The speakers also support Dolby Atmos, Dolby Digital Plus, and DTS-HD audio.

Redmi TV vs OnePlus TV: Which Has Better Software?

The OnePlus Android TV and Redmi Android TV run Android 9 Pie – primarily based on Android TV. But there are variations within the interfaces.

The Redmi TV has PatchWall UI 3.0, which is loaded with custom pore and skin intended for faster entry of apps and content from downloaded apps right on the screen.

The OnePlus TV has its own OxygenPlay pores and skin, which is quite similar to PatchWall UI but works as well as the stock Android UI, making the whole experience clutter-free.

The two Android TVs help Google Play Store and customers can download apps on them.

Redmi TV Vs OnePlus TV: Which has more connectivity options?

Both Redmi TV and OnePlus TV have similar connectivity options. They offer you 2 HDMI ports to connect set top box, Blu-Ray players, and gaming console, 2 USB ports to connect hard drives and other USB devices, 3.5mm to connect your headphones, and Bluetooth 5.0 for speakers Connecting Bluetooth, headphones, and TWS headphones.

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Redmi TV vs OnePlus TV: Which is more affordable?

The Redmi TV offers a television from a size of 32 inches to 65 inches which is the most common size for home needs. And the price range for these TVs is 12,499 to 59,999 rs.

In comparison, OnePlus TVs also manufacture the same sizes but the price is slightly different from the Redmi TV. They offer TVs from 12,999 to 62,999 rs.

Best Redmi TV in India: Top Pick

Below you will find the best Redmi TV options which are popular models with better features at a lower price range.

Redmi 43 inch 4K Ultra HD Android Smart LED TV – 42% off

Redmi TV has Dolby Vision that brings colors and details to life on the screen, just as the creators intended. Their proprietary engine creates a lifelike display with great depth, saturation, and contrast.

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This LED smart TV has powerful 30W speakers that give you the great XL Audio experience you’ve always wanted. Redmi TV Price: Rs 24,999.

Redmi 50 inch 4K Ultra HD Android Smart LED TV – 33% off

Its Log-Gamma Hybrid helps display high-quality visuals and an expanded color gamut with HDR.

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Redmi Android TV takes your audio experience to a whole different level, with high quality surround sound. You can also discover the latest and trending content with features like the top 10 in India today and collections. Redmi TV Price: Rs 29,999.

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Redmi 65 inch 4K Ultra HD Android Smart LED TV – 23% off

Redmi smart TV makes it easier to access your TV, use your voice to search for shows, control your TV, plan your day, and more.

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Their enhanced sound source for an immersive experience in any room. This 65-inch LED TV is a smart and innovative way to control and sync all your smart devices at home. Redmi TV Price: Rs 57,999.

Best OnePlus TV in India: Popular Picks

Scroll down to find some Best OnePlus TV with their impressive prices and features to make your entertainment time more entertaining.

OnePlus 32 inch Y Series HD Ready LED Smart Android TV – 25% off

Immerse yourself in a new experience with the bezel-less design of OnePlus TV. This smart TV has an extremely attractive picture quality that will make you feel like you are in every scene.

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Inherited from the Q1 series, you can now control your TV using your phone. From Type Sync to Quick App Switch, you can do it all through the OnePlus Connect app. OnePlus TV Price: Rs 14,999.

OnePlus 55 inch U Series 4K LED Smart Android TV – 28% Off

OnePlus smart TV offers you multi-connectivity features like 3 HDMI ports for connecting set-top box, Blu-Ray players, gaming console, and 2 USB ports for connecting hard drives and other USB devices.

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With other smart features, you will enjoy android TV 10, hands-free voice control, google assistant, OnePlus 2.0 connection, OxygenPlay 2.0, data saver plus, kids mode, and game mode. OnePlus TV Price: Rs 42,999.

OnePlus 65 inch U Series 4K LED Smart Android TV – 11% off

Enjoy immersive viewing with the OnePlus Android TV’s bezel-less display that makes it sleek, stylish, and stunning.

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With its Dolby vision and Dobly Audio enjoy a complete cinematic experience because the OnePlus TV delivers stereo boom, a well-balanced sound profile, and a wide sound field. OnePlus TV Price: Rs 61,999.

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