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After Fortnite Chapter 3 closed out with a live event ending that seemed to overwhelm some players, so every moment is a good time to look back Fortnite he excelled in the practice of live events. Live events are huge events that happen simultaneously in all lobbies in the game and are usually connected to the overall story. Fortnitethe story of

Live events Fortnite They’ve been part of the game since Chapter 1, Season 3 and have been going strong ever since, increasing in size with each season. The best Fortnite it’s live events that involve the player and make them part of the narrative, rather than being limited to quests or cutscenes.


10/10 The Butterfly, Chapter 1 Season 6

butterfly event in fortnite

The main event Fortnite Chapter 1 Season 6 saw a farewell to the Cube as its energy was drained into the vortex of Loot Lake. The last purple tear drained the energy cube, and it turned gray, exploding in a blinding white light. All players in the game would then be moved to the In-Between.

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The event ended after a giant butterfly shrunk the player’s finger. When players exit the In-Between and return to Loot Lake, they will find it has changed forever. This drastic makeover of an iconic location was just the beginning.

9/10 Kevin The Cube Is Born, Chapter 1 Season 5

kevin the cube in fortnite

In the middle of Chapter 1, Season 5, the Cube Incident happened directly in the middle of the season. This started with a purple bolt of lightning shot from the Rift in the sky. After a few seconds, a mysterious giant purple cube appeared in Paradise Palms.

This cube was named “Kevin” by the community and has become a beloved character Fortnite flower Kevin raced through the Chapter 1 map before disbanding at Loot Lake, creating a season-long Live Event. It was a lot of fun as Kevin stomped or bounced players who got in his way.

8/10 The Final Showdown, Chapter 1 Season 9

monster vs mecha in fortnite

Chapter 1 The best event of Season 9 happened during the season, and not as the last major event of Season 9. Season 9 teased an epic showdown between a giant monster and a giant mecha for a while, with players also receiving a ‘Monster Team’. and ‘Mech Team’ banners and signs to show support for their chosen side in the giant match. It wasn’t long before the Monsters and Mecha faced off against each other of epic proportions.

Players would watch these two titans helplessly throughout the battle Fortnite Chapter 1 map, destroying things in the warpath. The mecha also absorbed power from Zero Point, causing irreversible damage to the map’s stability and wisdom. Fortnite. It was an event of epic proportions.

7/10 The Device, Chapter 2 Season 2

doomsday device in fortnite

The Doomsday Device was teased a lot during the spy season Fortnite. Thanks to Midas and his plans, the Doomsday Device gathers energy and turns the storm back. This attack on the storm had unexpected consequences, as the players were transported to an office, where they would hear the voice of John Jones, known to the players as Jonesy, for the first time.

At the end of the event the map was absolved by water, an actual water waste from the beginning of Chapter 2 Season 3. Not only were the map changes huge, but Jonesy who now had a voice opened one. Fortnite a story that would enrich the gaming experience.

6/10 The Unvaulting, Chapter 1 Season 8

Jungle event in Fortnite

There was something really special about The Unvaulting, live Fortnite Season 8 Chapter 1. This event saw the opening of the vault within Loot Lake, where players were sucked into the most sacred place. Fortnite: Vault This location includes all vaulted items and weapons, and players were given a special responsibility.

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Players can vote on what to bring: The Bouncers, Drum Gun, Grappler, Infinity Blade, Planes or Tactical SMG. Drum Gun was chosen by the player base. After returning Fortnite on the map, the volcano erupts, destroying locations, including the Tilted Towers, making it a wildly volatile event.

5/10 The End, Chapter 1 Season 10

final chapter 1 in fortnite

There was no secret to The End event. Fortnite told the players for weeks, even months, that this is The End. This would be the greeting Fortnite, the end of what was a great game. In the event, all players on the map team climbed up to watch Zero Point destabilize, and then the map they knew and loved was destroyed.

The only thing left inside Fortnite for the players it was a black screen with a black hole in the middle. It’s one of the first times a game has shut down, pretending to close the curtains forever, before returning for a new map. Fortnite Chapter 2.

4/10 Collision, Chapter 3 Season 2

collision event in fortnite

Dr. Sloan and the IO were a big threat Fortnite Chapter 2 onwards. With the live event of Chapter 3 Season 2, Fortnite IO wanted to end it with a big war. Players got to control the Mech, with each team player taking a limb to fight the IO.

The latest gamer showdowns invade Collider, and they get to see a quick tease for the upcoming season as they watch Darth Vader battle Obi-Wan Kenobi. This event saw the end of the IO story as the game moved on to a new threat, keeping players at the center of the action.

3/10 The Devourer Of Worlds, Chapter 2 Season 4

galactus in fortnite

For the first time Fortnite history, they dedicated an entire season to a collaboration. The Battlepass map and skins were Marvel related, with big characters like Iron Man, Thor, Wolverine and She-Hulk. The season saw the evil threat, the Devourer of Worlds, Galactus approaching Fortnite island to consume Zero Point.

As the Season 4 event of Chapter 2 began, players would team up with Marvel’s greatest heroes, the Avengers, to make sure Galactus couldn’t swallow Zero Point. What makes this event even better isn’t just flying around in a battle bus Star Wars-like the lunch sequence, but that’s all Marvel Comics canon.

2/10 Operation Skyfire, Chapter 2 Season 7

operation skyfire in fortnite

There is something so exciting about being a part of a successful alien invasion. Operation Skyfire was a lot of fun and combined all the players on the map into one event. Fortnite Chapter 2 the island. Players team up with the character Dr. Slone, and take the fight to the invader with their invented spine.

In an exciting conclusion to Season 7 of Chapter 2, players not only walk through exploding corridors, but also encounter a giant Cube, reminiscent of Kevin. Players gather to restart the cube. Later, cubes and debris rain down from the sky, destroying the Chapter 2 Season 7 map.

1/10 The End, Chapter 2 Season 8

final chapter 2 in fortnite

With The End creeping closer, the events of Chapter 2 Season 8 saw the end of the Chapter 2 map and the beginning of Chapter 3. This big event brought the Loopers together to fight the Cube Queen and her invading forces. Overwhelmed and overwhelmed, all seemed lost Fortnite the players

The End is a big event Fortnite, which features Dwayne Johnson as an important character called the Foundation. The event ended with the island flipping over, revealing that the map from Chapter 3 had been under their feet the whole time.

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