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Want to enhance your home with a smart speaker? The Amazon Echo Dot is one of the most popular gadgets in its category and has been a tech favorite this holiday season. With discounts available that have reduced its price to less than $15, the device is worth grabbing for gifting or personal purposes.

Popular retailer Amazon has just listed an irresistible combo offer for the Echo Dot, which also includes a compatible smart bulb to get you started. After an easy setup, all you need is your voice and a command to control the bulb’s operation.

Smart speakers make working much more efficient if you want to automate your schedule. Voice your way through daily tasks and set reminders in a jiffy. Not only that, but the Echo Dot also comes with rich sounding speakers that are great for music fans. Take a look at Amazon’s quote for the Echo Dot and its bright features to decide for yourself.

Get this crazy $14.99 combo offer this holiday sale on Amazon Echo Dot


With tech products being the biggest hit this holiday sales season, Amazon has been quite active in listing discounts on popular gadgets. You can currently find an exciting deal on almost any technology gadget through the website.

Amidst all the hype, one should not miss out on the Amazon Echo Dot + Smart Color Bulb holiday sale offer, which is without a doubt one of the most economical lists shoppers may see this year.

The IS Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen) + Amazon Basics Smart Color Bulb The bundle price is $52.98 without discounts. The holiday sale offer on Amazon has reduced its rate by 71%, which is an epic markdown. Now, you can start smartening up your sweet home for just $14.99. You can buy the bundle from here.

The Amazon Echo Dot works great with the included Amazon Basics Smart Color Bulb to give you the automation you deserve after a long day or a cozy night. It’s easy to set up: set the light bulb in the socket, open the Alexa app, and let it scan. You will get a “First light bulb found” notification and after that you will be ready to dispense voice commands.


With the bulb paired up, you can use easy voice commands to control the lights or set custom routines that will further automate the system. You will no longer have to deal with switches and programs.

Apart from the smart bulb case, the Amazon Echo Dot is a great speaker that can spoil any music enthusiast. You can use voice commands to let the device find the best songs, playlists and control tracks.

In addition, it can also announce news headlines and the weather, set tasks and reminders, and more. You can also club more suitable smart devices to further develop your home environment.

That holiday sale offer on the Amazon Echo Dot doesn’t seem to be limited in time. However, it will only last until stocks last for your pincode. You can also choose other bundle options, depending on your needs. If you want to donate this, Amazon also offers a return service that you can add at checkout.

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