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A fairly widespread bug in Google Calendar is generating random events derived from unrelated Gmail messages.

For the past day or so, Google Calendar shows randomly generated events for the entire day based on Gmail messages, and they don’t necessarily relate to a specific event. There is no clear pattern with this error, but it seems that emails with the dates mentioned may be a trigger.

A common event we are seeing created in one of our accounts as well as others It’s a “US Financial Privacy Notice” that appears as an all-day calendar event, as well as a warning notification on Android phones with the same title. Newsletters also seem to trigger these events.

The exact cause is still unclear, but the fix should be fairly simple. Going into your Google Calendar settings under Settings > Gmail Events should stop creating these events when you uncheck the “Automatically add Gmail events to my calendar” checkbox. This fix was also used to stop spam invites that appeared in 2019.

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