Google Nest and Android Devices Now Work with Danhna | Jobs Reply

Content, the universal smart home platformnow enabled on Google Nest and Android devices and apps, meaning users can now pair their devices with Matter devices from other manufacturers.

Google announced on Thursday that its Google Home SpeakersGoogle Home Mini and Google Nest Mini, the Audio Nestand all three generations of him Nest Hub devices updated to act as Matter hubs.

“Starting today, Google Nest devices and Android devices are Matter-enabled, allowing you to quickly and consistently set up Matter-enabled devices and customize your smart home to meet your needs,” Google said in a blog post.

Content was developed to enable devices from different manufacturers to work together seamlessly in a user’s home. Announced in 2019, the platform has received support from Google, Amazon, Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Comcast and other technology companies.

“With Matter, everything from smart lighting, thermostats, window shades and door locks will work better together with less time and effort on your part,” said Google.

Content devices can connect to your home network via Wi-Fi or over Thread, a low-power mesh networking technology that connects home devices.

Google also updated Fast Pair on Android to support Matter. Support for Apple devices is expected sometime next year.

In November, Amazon announced that 17 of its Echo devices would be compatible with the Matter smart home platform this month, with dozens more updates coming in 2023.

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