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You may not yet be familiar with the word “Content” today, but it won’t be long before you’re interested in the smart home space. Matter is here as the universal standard of smart home gadgets across the industry and Google wants you to know that your Android phone and Google Nest devices already support it.

Ever heard of Matter before? That’s great. Let’s talk about it briefly, smart home friend.

Matter is an industry-level standard for smart home gadgets that makes it easier for you to set them up and connect them to each other. Google and hundreds of industry partners worked together for 3 years to make Matter the standard because everyone could admit that setting up smart home products was a huge pain in the ass.

With Content adopted by everyone from Google to Samsung to Apple and Amazon, as well as all of the smart lights and thermostats and other devices you use, you should manage and connect and set up your smart home just work. And that’s really what you need to get out of Matter.

Google Matters

As part of an announcement today, Google confirmed that its Google Home and Nest Hub devices are ready for Matter. Even the original Google Home and Google Home Mini support content. Of course, all of the newer Nest and Audio Hubs do too. The full list of content-ready Google devices can be seen below:

  • The original Google Home speaker
  • Google Home Mini
  • Mini Nest
  • Audio Nest
  • Nest Hub (1st and 2nd gen)
  • Nest Hub Max
  • Nest wifi pro

It’s important that Google added Matter support to these, because to take advantage of Matter, you’ll need a hub, like one of these. And since many of you probably have one, you’re good!

From now on, when you go into Best Buy or shop for smart home goods online, you’ll want to pay attention and try to spot products with the Matter logo (above). If it has that, you should be able to fix those within a few seconds, in some cases. If you use your Android phone to do that, Fast Pair could take over and literally do the thing in a few taps.

Because you likely use Samsung SmartThings or some other smart home platform, realize that Matter will make it easier for your various settings to talk to each other as well. Samsung and Google are already working on this, and the Google Home app will soon let you know if Matter devices are set up via SmartThings so you can easily onboard those to Home if you want.

So there you have it – that’s a short chat about Matter and what it means for the future of smart home gadgets. If it goes well, you may not have to know about Matter for long, as hopefully everyone will adopt it and the days of struggling to set up smart homes will be behind us.

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