Google Update Adds Matter Smart Home Control to Some Nest Devices | Jobs Reply

Matter comes to Android and Google Nest devices to make setting up and adjusting your smart home faster and easier.

A new Google update is adding Matter protocol functionality to your smart home setup – if you use Google Nest devices – making it simpler to manage multiple connected items. This also extends to Fast Pair on Android devices, which is intended to make connecting new smart devices as simple as connecting headphones or earphones.


The purpose of the Matter protocol is to provide a more general, universal smart home setup that allows the same experience across all of your devices regardless of manufacturer.

Through Matter you can control everything from your lighting and heating to locks and alarms (provided it’s all compatible with Matter, of course) from one device. And now that control device can be your Google Home Mini, Google Home speaker, Nest Audio, Nest Hub (Gen. One and Two), Nest Hub Max, Nest Mini, or Nest Wi-Fi Pro.

You’re not limited to connecting all your devices to your (now Content-enabled) hub via Wi-Fi, either. The update adds 2nd Gen Thread network compatibility. Nest Hub, Nest Hub Max, and Nest Wi-Fi Pro – using less power than Wi-Fi and allowing up to 250 device connections. Although the devices themselves must also be able to connect via Thread for this feature to be very useful.

This Matter functionality is being added to all compatible Android and Google Nest devices starting today via an automatic update. Extra Matter devices will have the Matter badge on their packaging when you see them on store shelves.

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