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Calm Waters, Yosemite Valley by Richard Schloss

With pedestrian paths now running down State Street, it’s easier than ever to shop for the holidays or spend a day on the town with the family. In the third week of our Home for the Holidays Guide, here are a few events and places to stop.

The Santa Barbara Fine Art Gallery, located near Arlington, is the first stop for light-hearted works of art that capture the spirit of the California Central Coast. The gallery is run by Julie again Richard Schloss, an acclaimed 50-year-old spirit artist whose works can be found in the permanent collections of museums in the area. Their Holiday Show just opened this month with many featured works from their friends and members of the historic OAK Group of plein air artists, including Michael Drury, Arturo Telloagain John Comer, among many others. If you’re looking for a quick gift, Richard Schloss also recently released a book, Drawing Light. This tome, available in the gallery, is Richard’s magnum opus in his understanding of light and painting technique, one of the key features his work is known for.

domecíl e Victoria Court is a women-owned company with an eye towards socially responsible and sustainable business practices and materials. Their one-of-a-kind wearables are made in an employee-owned sewing studio in downtown Los Angeles. A variety of smocks, bags, and other linen garments have a trendy yet trendy look in an eco-friendly clothing line. The general store includes fiber arts, pottery, and wood products that complement natural clothing.

Whether you’re preparing holiday dishes or getting a gift for the foodie in your life, Viva Oliva has a variety of delicious dishes to bring the flavors of the Mediterranean to the American Riviera table. Extra virgin olive oil is carefully sourced from olive groves around the world. There is also a selection of spiced olive oils with classic additions such as truffles or lemon, as well as more exotic spices such as harissa or Tunisian Baklouti green pepper. Of course there are sampler sets for those who want to try (or gift) a few flavors. Naturally, there are a range of balsamic vinegars to play a tangy partner to these oils with interesting flavors to match, including black elderberry balsamic, honey ginger white balsamic, or black espresso balsamic, to name a few. A selection of artisan meats, cheeses, and other deli items, along with olive wood kitchen accessories, make it easy to put together a charcuterie board or gift.

Located next to the Santa Barbara Baking Company, Folio Press & Paperie features a little bit of everything, including stationery and stationery, children’s gifts and apparel, home decor and accessories, and much more. Each item in the store is selected with the same attention as the owners Frank again Marlene Bucy enter each of their custom lines. Because, in addition to gift and stationery, Folio Press & Paperie is a letterpress design studio and full-service print shop. Whether it’s a holiday party invitation or a custom Christmas card to send, Folio can help give a crisp aesthetic to paper.

Check out Viva Oliva’s large selection of olive oils and vinegars

La Arcada Plaza and El Paseo

The boutique shops of La Arcada and El Paseo bring luxury shopping and charming views to the cobblestone streets of these plazas and many establishments are longtime residents of these spaces, such as Bryant & Sons, which is in its original El Paseo. place. Established in 1965, this family-owned jewelry store offers exquisite rings, bracelets, earrings, and other jewelry pieces. Today, the store is mostly owned by “Sons” but the long-time company remains an active supporter of the community and is as dedicated to its craft as ever. Next to La Arcada, the Waterhouse Gallery, which recently celebrated its 38th year, is owned Diane and the artist Ralph Waterhouse. The painting collection offers a variety of works from California-based artists and a duo who sell and ship art pieces around the world from their La Arcada location.

Stunning 18k white gold, rubellite, and amethyst earrings from Bryant & Sons

Catherine Gee it is more modern than the other La Arcada stores and has a trendy feel to it. Founded in 2015 by its namesake designer and artist, her textile masterpieces are often made from shimmering silks and other soft and luxurious fabrics. The popular Daria Blouse comes in a variety of colors and patterns but each has the natural yet subtle fit that Gee is known for. Gee is based in Santa Barbara with her award-winning designs that have graced many A-listers on the runway and red carpet.

A long-time addition to La Arcada, the Coast 2 Coast collection features two floors of high-end dining and tableware, jewelry, gifts, and home accessories from popular brands like Christofle, Waterford, and more. This pure selection of goods is overseen by the owner Holly Murphy, who change the collection every quarter, which means that after the end of this season, there is a new store to check out. The amazing maze of mementos makes it easy to find something that catches your eye. If anything, there’s so much to see that it’s hard to know where to start looking. Luckily Murphy and the rest of the staff are there to help. This Saturday (December 10) from 12-5pm and Sunday (December 11) from 11am – 4pm, Anna Giulianiambassador from VIETRI, will be on hand to sign and personalize any VIETRI gifts purchased with proceeds to benefit the Santa Barbara Museum of Art.

Sitting on the corner of La Arcada at Figueroa and State is the Yes Store. The name also answers the question, “Where can I go to get a gift while supporting local artisans and craftspeople?” This artist cooperative has been around in some form or shape or pop-up since 1968 and features a variety of crafts and arts from ceramics and handmade wooden cutting boards to jewelry, clothing, and leather work. If you’re shopping for lots of different styles, this is the place to go. Metallic lace wear from Elaine Unzicker or a crankshaft watch from Ben’s Auto Décor (BAD) can fit the metal head in your life. A handmade kaleidoscope or one of the artist’s world-class glass objects Elaine Hyde it would fit the most dreamy gift.

Paseo Nuevo

Special occasion dresses, party dresses, and great looks from Mama Luma

‘The season to visit Paseo Nuevo, which has an outdoor shopping area that is not only decorated with decorations, but also features daily and ongoing events held throughout the month, including nightly snowfall (5:30 and 6:30 pm), visits and photos with Santa, even Silent Night, Silent Disco (December 15). Check out the many shops, stop at a restaurant, or catch a movie for a little shopping cap.

Mama Luma in Paseo Nuevo features couture for a daughter, niece, or any young woman looking to dress up for a holiday party. Each of their clothing lines has thematic features and coordinated colors that match dresses, jackets and other clothing. The Napa Rose collection often contains the characteristics of an unknown flower and the deep ruby ​​red color that defines it. The Sicily line brings emerald green with layers of pink and dashes of stripes and polka dots. Just in time for the holidays, Mama Luma has great prices on different offerings in their various lines in colors that match the season’s palette.

Off State destinations

Patagonia down sweater hoody from Mountain Air Sports

Open since 1975, Mountain Air Sports (MAS) has been fitting and supplying locals with their cold and warm weather gear for almost 50 years. MAS is perfect for those who enjoy the outdoors with kayaks, car racks, and clothing that can fit in your pocket. And if you’re heading to the mountains for snow-filled fun, a selection of winter gear, skis, and snowboards allows one to find their gear before heading up the hill. MAS also offers ski and snowboard gear setup or rentals if you still need it, as well as custom boot or pack fittings for any modifications needed (if there’s time). There are also apparel and activewear from brands that cater to that lifestyle, such as Patagonia, True Grit, and Toad and Co.

Located next to the popular Mony’s (a little chilaquiles during holiday shopping?), sbmidmod features a collection of mid-century and modern items carefully selected by the owner. Tracey Strobel. He brings over 20 years of experience in collecting and restoring antiques and antiques to ensure the quality of each piece displayed in the store. The collection includes art, lighting, furniture, and other interesting, and of course, chairs that are endlessly popular with collectors. This store is filled with all the eye-catching colors, luxurious curves, and beautiful craftsmanship that this era is known for.

Chaucer’s at the Five Points shopping center on Upper State Street is a staple of the local community. Wrap-around rows of books bring a wonderful offering of fiction, classics, and reference works, and a wall of greeting cards and curated knick-knack tables make it easy to pick up some gifts along the way. The friendly staff at Chaucer are available for recommendations and can help you find anything on the shelves or order anything not available there.

Moving Miss Daisy is a boutique that has a lot to offer

Vintage clothing and vintage items never seem to go out of style and Moving Miss Daisy has plenty of both. This boutique has an ever-changing selection of lighting, rugs, furniture, souvenirs, and much more. Whether it’s finding something stylish for that special someone or decorating your home for the holidays, there’s plenty to find at this sophisticated La Cumbre boutique. Plus, the Consign for a Cause program donates a portion of that item to a designated nonprofit so you know your purchase is providing holiday support.

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