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The JDM The world has been a constant over the years. While one group always leans towards the Supra, the other always fights with them in the GT-R Skyline controversy. some years ago, the toyota Perhaps one of the most anticipated vehicles has collaborated with BMW for its return: the Toyota Supra. The immediate reaction was not pleasant. Given the Supra’s history, Japanese performance car enthusiasts expected more purity in terms of the car’s DNA. It’s been a few years, and the Supra continues to dominate most of the competition. With proven aftermarket presence, great potential and great engineering, 2022 Toyota Supra Officially HotCars’ Best 2022 Japanese Sports Cars.

2022 Toyota Supra 3.0: What makes it special

2022 Toyota GR Supra 3.0 Premium Sideview
Photo by Karim Girgis

We recently reviewed both the 2022 Toyota Supra 3.0, as well as the 2022 Toyota Supra 2.0. It’s safe to say that the 3.0 brings a ton more to the table, from raw power figures to technology, handling capabilities and comfort to the adaptive suspension. The six-cylinder Supra is an inline-six engine, which pays homage to the iconic 2JZ-GTE engine. Although the new engine is similar in configuration and displacement, it features a twin-scroll turbocharger instead of a twin-turbo setup like the 2JZ-GTE. This engine works cooperatively with a beautifully tuned 8-speed automatic transmission. This ZF transmission is one of the best automatics on the market so far, at least in this price range The only option is manual, that is until the 2023 model, which will offer a manual transmission option. We will be reviewing the 2023 manual soon, so stay tuned. The Supra’s 3.0-liter engine delivers 382 horsepower and 368 pound-feet of torque at just 1,800 RPM. This allows the Supra to reach 60 mph in just 3.9-seconds.

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Why the 2022 Supra 3.0 is the best JDM car

2022 Toyota GR Supra 3.0 Premium Rear
Photo by Karim Girgis

When it comes to JDM cars these days, our award can only go to the new Nissan Z, or the 2022 Toyota Supra 3.0. The only problem is that the Z is still pre-production, and the actual model year is 2023 If the Z had been a 2022 model, the Supra would still have taken the trophy Finally, JDM’s list of cars is not short. We tested the 2022 Subaru WRX and it got huge props from our journalist. The same goes for the IS 500, which rocks a large V8, making it a domestic competitor rather than a Japanese one. The list goes on; However, the 2022 Toyota Supra offers the most value of everything on that list. It’s a car with a ton of heritage and legendary reputation, that comes with a fully evolved set of technologies, impressive performance and an unbeatable price tag. Whether you’re a GT-R fan, an NSX, or an RC F fan, the Supra will give you the most value for money, and its MSRP starts at $54,590 for a premium that’s simply mind-blowing.

Super efficient in performance

2022 Toyota GR Supra 3.0 Premium Front
Photo by Karim Girgis

One of the most notable pieces of technology the 2022 Toyota Supra brings is the twin-scroll turbocharger. To combat boost response and eliminate lag, the twin-scroll turbocharger has a split inlet in the turbo housing, which works with an efficient turbo manifold. The first scroll goes to the front three cylinders, while the second directs compressed air to the rear three cylinders. As a result, the torque peaks at 1,800 RPM and is able to maintain it up to 5,000 RPM. It gives you instant acceleration that keeps you going back in your seat until you’ve had enough. Twin-scroll technology improves low-end torque, increases horsepower across the RPM band, and makes everything much more efficient. As mentioned above, the 3.0 Premium Supra comes with Adaptive Variable Suspension. This system adapts to different road conditions, which not only stiffens the suspension through spun driving, but also greatly increases comfort during daily driving. That alone makes the six-cylinder Supra worth the extra dollar over the four-cylinder, which lacks this system.

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Worthy mention: The Supra’s styling pays homage to a legend

2022 Toyota GR Supra 3.0 Premium Taillight
Photo: Bassem Girgis

One of the things designers can easily lose in the process of evolution is styling. Toyota has done a great job with the design of the fifth generation Supra. The design pays homage to the MK4 Supra, with redesigned headlights at the front that will always remind you of the fourth generation model. The rear does the same with the tall and skinny taillights. The evolution shows in the aerodynamics, as well as the curved, massive hips of the MK5 Supra. The overall result is that the MK5 Supra, like it or not, is much better than the fourth generation Supra. We understand that the MK4 brings a lot of history to the table, but in terms of technology, styling and performance, the 2022 Toyota Supra is a worthy winner of Hotcar’s Best 2022 Japanese Sports Car award.

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