In light of recent events, netizens look back on the first time fans and members fought an agency for removing an idol from the group. | Jobs Reply

Many K-Pop idol groups go through member changes throughout their careers, sometimes fans and the public never know why those decisions were made.

In light of recent events in K-Pop, K-netizens looked back on the first time in the history of the Korean music industry that fans and members fought against an agency after the agency decided to unilaterally remove a member. from the group

The incident happened in 2001, when dating rumors arose between god leader Park Joon Hyung and actress. Han Go Eun.

A top idol group at the time, the news that Park Joon Hyung and Han Go Eun were secretly dating made huge headlines overnight.

The day after the announcement of the new dates, the agency of the then god, SidusHQreleased an official press release saying Park Joon Hyung was deified

Events took a dramatic turn soon with SidusHQ making a decision without informing the god members beforehand Park Joon Hyung himself was the one who called a press conference and described the treatment he received from the agency. remembering through tears,

“The agency prevented me from talking to any journalists, and they didn’t allow me to talk to members of the divine. When I tried to call them, just to talk to them, no one answered me. The only thing I wanted was a musician, but suddenly, people told me that I was hurting my reputation [g.o.d] dongsaengs That was never my intention. All I did was meet the person I’m in love with. But suddenly, in every newspaper and media, I was like a criminal. They didn’t let me say anything to defend myself.”

Park Joon Hyung’s honesty at that time left a great impression on the public, changing the public’s sentiment.

Meanwhile, fans of the god sprung into action right after news broke that Park Joon Hyung had been removed from the group. Fans left the group’s official fan club, raised money to advertise Park Joon Hyung’s “unfair removal” in many newspapers and public platforms, and demanded that SidusHQ reverse its decision.

Fans and other god members also came together to hold their own press conference where the god members spoke against SidusHQ personally.

Members said: “All the members, unanimously, agree that we are completely against it [Park Joon Hyung’s] remove We will not promote it as a 4-member group, and we are against recruiting new members. Park Joon Hyung is not only a member of God, he is our family.”

Finally, 8 days after Park Joon Hyung was removed from the god, SidusHQ reversed their decision and restored the god to the group that many people know today.

Netizens commented, “The way TTTT Joon hyung TT cried at the press conference”, “I didn’t know something like this happened… He was canceled overnight because there was a date?”, “The members really stepped up… . I’m sure the power difference between artists and agencies it was so much worse back then”, “I remember fans literally everywhere trying to get people to sign petitions”, “To remove a member just for dating, that’s crazy”, “. I remember crying so much at this”and more

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