In November, Complex partnered with Toyota as part of its Need a Nudge program | Jobs Reply

Each year in the days leading up to ComplexCon, Complex hosts a community week in Long Beach. This allows the complex to return. And 2022 was no exception. In November, the complex linked up with Toyota as part of its Need a Nudge program to host a maker week. Need a Nudge is about working with “Nudge-eligible” creators to offer platforms like ComplexCon and tools like Toyota’s Creator Studio to help take their content to the next level. Toyota’s Need a Nudge makers included Dominique Rennie, Brownstone and Crenshaw Skate Club who hosted creative workshops on jewelry making, fashion fabrication and screen printing. Even better, Toyota has invited every creator to open their creative workshops on the floor to ComplexCon attendees later in the week. Each Creator Studio helped participants create their own keepsakes, including tote bags, t-shirts and jewelry. Participants then visited the Toyota Need a Nudge Creator Studio to capture social content during the busy show. To see it all, scope out the clip above, then click over to the Need a Nudge website to learn more

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