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Christmas shopping… at the time of writing, I wonder if there is a department store nearby that will cater to my Gen Z cousin and middle-aged dad. Besides being the Most Wonderful Time of the Year, the current hunt is a chore that leaves behind the messy broadcasts and planning of how they shopped three months ago, and the lazy and disorganized shoppers at the store near the office. What’s one gift that marks you as the latter? Socks. But maybe that’s not so bad.

By my calculations, there are about 300 sock-wearing days a year, give or take the odd heatwave. Silently, they will accompany you through the biggest, the smallest and even the most average moments of your life. No, they won’t be able to give relationship advice or pay for a round at the pub, but certainly as the sun rises, the will be on your feet. And if you were lucky enough to receive good quality socks this Christmas, don’t complain, but count your blessings.

As Oscar Wilde once wrote, “I love simple pleasures, it is the last refuge of complexity.” And in my opinion, socks are one of the best things. Now, I know that loving socks might sound like a mawkish attempt at Instagram poetry, but there’s something to the magic of the world. As the (often bad) news streams from our phones every day, warning of another imminent natural disaster or more human rights violations, there is comfort in the solid basics of life. And about Christmas, knowing you can give someone something useful and comforting, with so much going on in the world, is great. Forget jewellery, forget fine wines – head to the hosiery department at M&S.

This Christmas, I enjoyed wide and varied socks. Starting with the ubiquitous style, the classic white pair; a favorite among minimalists, sportswear enthusiasts and Paul Newman style pioneers. Of course, not everyone cares about how their socks look coming out of their shoes, and that’s why a trainer’s sock is important for those who choose sports. A good quality set can give them a good footing to run that extra mile but may come at the risk of an educational effort focused on the life-changing results of running – if pigs and blankets are around, it’s clearly not the right time. Best of all, there’s a pair of consistent crowd-pleasers, perfect for those of you who find yourself confused about what to buy: bed socks. You may not get a happy reaction from those under forty, but secretly, they will be very happy. How will you know? However, expect to see the heavy-knit duo as part of their cozy Christmas get-up – to be worn during the festive period when sitting in to watch movies is mandatory.

Part of the joy of gift giving is that there are prints, combinations and lengths to suit everyone. For my friend who spends his Saturdays watching his local football team (even if the weather is freezing), I’ll be giving away a pair from Anonymous Ism. For my uncle – an outdoor sock design enthusiast – a playful pattern from Happy Socks. And for my partner, who often nags me for stealing another one of his perfectly ribbed socks, I’ll be giving him a few pairs of Beams Plus’ Schoolboy style (and maybe mine too). Some reputable brands to choose from include, Paul Smith, Falke, Rostersox and Mr P; all of this balances creativity and functionality.

And if they have complaints, tell them to put on a sock. Problem solved.

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