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The holidays are in full swing. Do you have any presents under the tree? As time inches closer and closer to Christmas Day, it’s time to do some last minute shopping.

Shopping local this holiday season has many benefits, from unique gifts to supporting the local economy. If you’re late to jump on the bandwagon, don’t worry; there are many local places for last minute holiday shopping.

Check out these 10 places to shop. It just so happens to be the Racine County Eye Business Spotlights again.

Holiday shopping made easy: try these 10 local stores

1. Forever Vos Farms

Business Spotlight: Forever Vos Farms has a variety of dry-aged beef products to offer this holiday season. Buy someone a variety box or maybe buy some summer sausage, from their farm, and give someone a cutting board with it.

Learn more about what their business offers by reading their story:

Business Spotlight: Forever Vos Farms

2. Luberry

It’s never too late to find a unique piece of decor for a loved one. Luberry’s, another highlight of the business, has a variety of home decor, antiques, and other gifts to give. Their store is filled with holiday-themed items, making it easy to find what they have to offer.

Their outstanding business story reveals how their business came to be:

Business Light: Luberry's

3. Scooter Coffee

Do you need a gift to give to your child’s teacher or co-worker? A simple gift, but everyone’s favorite is coffee. Not only can you grab yourself a cup of joe at Scooter’s Coffee, but you can also purchase a gift card while you’re there.

The best part about this place? You don’t have to get out of your car to get this gift. Read about this unique drive-thru-only business here:

Business Spotlight: Scooter Coffee

4. Creative Flex

Give us a gift this holiday season. Creative Flex offers a drawing studio. This can be a great gift to give to people of all ages. If you know someone who is in the art field, they might enjoy doing this project on their own. Even better, they might enjoy it if you do it together.

The Creative Flex story can be read by clicking the following link:

Business Spotlight: Creative Flex

5. It reads by the river

Do you have a bookworm in your life? Give them a new book this holiday season. Chances are if they love to read, there is a bestseller on their list. Reads by the River carries a variety of games and other novelties, just in case you want to offer something other than books.

Read their story and see what they’re up to by checking out their featured business story:

6. Sanctum Tabletop Gaming Emporium

This is more business than any game imaginable. They have classics and even professional games. Not sure what to buy? The owners have a lot of information to offer. In addition to games, they provide a place to play and interact with other players.

Read their business spotlight article to find out what else they have to offer:

Business Spotlight: Sanctum Tabletop Gaming Emporium

7. Rusty’s Dry Goods

If you’re trying to find a gift for the man in your life, Rusty’s Dry Goods makes it easy. This new storefront offers a gift shop for patrons to check out unique items. They carry everything from beard care products, clothing, home decor, accessories, and more.

Read about this new venture here:

Business Spotlight: Rusty's Dry Goods opens July 23

8. Roots

Looking for something to give to the plant mom or plant lover in your life? The roots have a variety of plants, cacti, and more. They offer memberships, workshops, and events at their location in Racine. Gift cards are also available for purchase.

Check out their business highlights and start shopping for the plant lover in your life:

Business Focus: Focused

9. Circus Seed Flowers

Local florist, Laura Gillespie, uses Circus Seed Flowers. This holiday season, you can sign up your loved one for a flower subscription. This is the gift that will keep on giving after the holidays. You can get flowers for 9 weeks or a full season. While shopping you will also be supporting a local farmer.

Check out their story here:

Business Spotlight: Circus Seed Flowers

10. Low Daily

Last, but not least, Low Daily offers the opportunity to become an official member of their beer club. By giving the gift of a beer subscription, to Low Funk, the beer club, you’ll make sure the beer lovers in your life start the year off on a good note. There are 50 spaces available.

Check out this facility and what they have to offer:

Business Highlights: Daily Lows


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