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The plan would be one of them those people and actually finish your holiday shopping before sweater weather rolls around. But then life happens and everyone’s list is what you need to buy for them as long as it’s the pre-season pumpkin spice latte. There may not be a drop in your schedule in sight, but before you go all Grinch, here’s a little gift you: a few shopping shortcuts that will save you serious time and make everyone on your sweet list feel extra loved. Ho-ho-hooray!

Narrow down your shopping area

Hopping from store to store can be a stressful time—mile-long lines, crowded parking lots, a flood of self-directed options. A better idea: Choose a store that allows you to do all your shopping in one vacation. Places like Nordstrom Rack have everything from wallet-friendly items for the people on your list to extravagant items for the special people in your life. Sticking to one store has the bonus benefit of allowing you to be more decisive, too—you won’t be stuck on whether you should buy your little brother cashmere socks or wait for a better one elsewhere. (Psst…buy some socks! You’ll love them!)

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Let the expert choose for you

Shopping from your couch certainly has its perks (ahem, pajamas that meet dress code requirements) but sifting through page after page of options can lead to serious shopping paralysis. How many times have you loaded your cart and…didn’t get out? To make sure your time is spent shopping, and not just browsing, check out the gift shop section of the site. Nordstom Rack’s gift section is the next best thing to an elf who magically appears and puts together the perfect prezzies for you.

Use your budget to your advantage

You can browse something on your BFF forever. Use time effectively to organize your search by price—not by person. When shopping online, many places let you sort gift ideas based on cost. A few clicks and suddenly you have what everyone on your list has for under $25.

Nordstrom rack gifts

Go away big small

Sometimes getting started is the hardest part. The perfect foil to launching a rollover is to start with the easiest way to shop for the people on your list, ie not the One Who Has Everything. Get a scented candle for a co-worker or a cute home accessory for your local white elephant gift exchange. Once you earn a few points, your motivation to be happy will make it easier to go through all your purchases.

Skip shipping

Online shopping is such a win-win when your schedule makes it hard to hit the mall, but coordinating a bunch of incoming items can be just as stressful. Did your mother’s sweater ever arrive? Wait, your sister’s slippers are missing? Here’s your holiday hack: Instead of shipping items, choose to pick up your holiday goods at the store if the retailer offers them.

Buy twice (or triple!)

Spoiler: Not everyone on your list needs a unique gift. When it comes to soft, cool throw that your aunt again mother-in-law would like—buy them both! Trust us, your giftees won’t be comparing notes on what you bought them, and they’ll be just as happy.

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