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There are some Echo devices that come with a free smart bulb.

It’s not very difficult to make your home a smart home, and you don’t have to work completely from scratch, because you can certainly start small. While we’re pretty sure you already have a smart TV at home and a smartphone in your pocket, an Alexa-powered speaker could come in handy for your home, right?

Well, before the holidays, if you buy a new Echo Dot, Echo Dot with Clock, Echo Studio, or the Echo 4th Gen, you can get a free smart bulb! That’s pretty awesome, right? Smart bulbs can be quite expensive, so getting one for free is a great way to try things out a bit to see if you want to invest in more of these.

Amazo Echo Dot (5th Gen) in Charcoal color over a white background.

Amazon Echo Dot (5th Gen)

This might not be the lowest price we’ve ever seen for the Echo Dot, especially with Black Friday just past, but it’s a great value either way. Plus, you’re getting a completely free Sengled Bluetooth color bulb to go with your order

You can also get the Echo Dot 5th Gen with Clock and the Echo 4th Gen with the same Bluetooth color bulb for free from Sengled.

  • Amazon Echo Dot to Clock (5th Gen)

    Amazon Echo Dot to Clock (5th Gen)

  • Almost all the advantages of the full-sized Amazon Echo are complemented by Skill support at a more wallet-friendly price.
    Amazon Echo Dot speaker (4th gen).

    Amazon Echo Dot (4th gen)

We’re also quite partial to the new Echo Studio, the amazing high-fidelity smart speaker. It’s one of the new Amazon Echo devices that we really enjoyed. Although it is really great if you can add some Echo Dots to the mix with your Studio, it is not mandatory because you can certainly use it alone to listen to any of your favorite songs. Of course, you can use any of these devices to control your new smart bulbs, asking Alexa to turn the lights on and off in any corner of the house. You can even dim the lights if you don’t want to turn them off completely.

Amazon echo studio

Amazon echo studio

The Echo Studio from Amazon is a great smart speaker and you can get it for 25% off before the holidays. You also get the free Sengled smart bulb to sweeten the deal!

So be sure to grab one of these deals, saving up to $55 depending on the model you choose. Plus, the Bluetooth light bulb you’re getting for free is worth just under $10.

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