Mast of Watford’s Sun Clock Tower approved to promote 5G | Jobs Reply

Watford Borough Council has given approval for a 20 meter mast opposite the Sun Clock Tower to improve 5G coverage.

The proposed pylon for Ascot Road will be built following prior approval of a planning application.

According to Three Mobile’s owner, CK Hutchison Networks, the site was chosen due to “extremely limited” options, proposing “the only viable solution to minimize convenience issues.”

The company says the mast will improve the network’s coverage and capacity, particularly in relation to 5G services.

In the supplemental information to the plan, he added: “This device is not expected to have a significant impact on the local area but will provide significant improvements in connectivity.”

Other reasons for choosing the site were that it is in an industrial area and a dual carriageway, with other structures such as lamp posts and street signs nearby and green spaces nearby.

The notice of approval stipulates that the mast must be painted gray “in the interests of the visual appearance of the site”.

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