Maxis expands 5G international roaming service to 29 countries | Jobs Reply

  • Aims to expand its 5G services to more countries by the end of 2022
  • First telecom company in Malaysia to offer 5G roaming in 3 SEA countries

Maxis expands 5G international roaming service to 29 countries

Maxis has announced that it has expanded its international 5G roaming services to 29 countries, allowing more of its traveling customers to enjoy high-speed connections abroad.

In a statement, the telecom company said it follows the announcement in October 2021, when it announced that it was the country’s first telecom company to offer customers international 5G roaming services in Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia.

Arjun Varma, head of Maxis Consumer, said the company is excited that its customers can now enjoy the best 5G experience in even more countries, well in advance of anticipating an influx of travelers for the year-end holiday season.

“Together with our roaming partners, we are committed to offering our customers the best connectivity experience anywhere,” he added.

“We also look forward to expanding our services to more countries in the near future,” said Varma.

According to Maxis, the 5G roaming service will be activated automatically on every 5G-enabled device and billed according to the existing 4G roaming packages. It also has ongoing plans to expand its international 5G roaming presence to more countries by the end of 2022.

To subscribe, Maxis customers just need to access the Maxis app and click Maxis Roaming under the Services tab to subscribe to a preferred plan.

Alternatively, customers can sign up manually by dialing *100#, going to International Roaming, selecting Country and choosing one of the available passes.

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