Navigating your Google Home devices on Wear OS just got easier | Jobs Reply

If you live in the Google Home smart home world and have a smartwatch that uses Wear OS, Google has a handy update for you.

Today, Made by Google took to Twitter to announce the latest update to the Public Preview of the Google Home app for Wear OS. The update includes a new list view, the ability to control devices not yet assigned to your home, and faster load times for the app:

  • Access your devices with a simple list view
  • Control devices that are linked to you and not yet assigned to your home
  • Enjoy faster load times

In a blog post on the company’s website, the company revealed that the new list view, which lets you easily scroll through the devices linked to your Google Home account, is currently reserved for homes with 10 or fewer devices at them.

In addition to speed and performance improvements, our latest update includes a new list view to aid the overall navigation experience. If you have 10 or fewer devices, you’ll see an easy-to-scroll list to make it faster to access and control your smart home devices. Instead of having to go room by room, you’ll see a simplified view of your Wear OS device. You’ll also be able to control devices connected to you that aren’t assigned to a specific home in the Google Home app.

The update is not yet available except for those registered for the Public Preview. The company did not reveal when the update will be sent to all users.

The update comes just over a month after Google allowed users in Public Preview to test the new Google Home app. The new app has a complete redesign, the ability to select your favorite devices, and much more. It’s in Public Preview for days over there right now!

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