North Texans will do some last minute shopping before the arctic blast hits | Jobs Reply

Many last minute shoppers who usually wait until Christmas Eve have decided not to take any chances with the cold weather coming.

The Galleria Dallas had many shoppers come in on Wednesday.

All kinds of holiday shoppers were out, doing last-minute shopping before the arctic blast hit North Texas.

“We mix and match,” says buyer Heather Girdley.

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While shoppers at Galleria Dallas shopped inside, it was a trip out and back in the car that some didn’t want to take when the temperatures turned cold.

“Park near my heaters, heaters, I’m going to get hot in the car, sweaty, so when I get out it’s good,” said shopper Amanda Appleton.

Some North Texans have inexpensive plans to be outside while temperatures drop to the youth, wind chills are much lower than that.

This prediction was on the minds of some grocery shoppers.

“Yeah, that’s why I’m out now because I have some baking to do at home,” shopper Lori Jones.

It’s safe to say that many in North Texas would rather face warm weather.

Others, however, seem to have no problem.

“I wasn’t thinking about that,” said shopper Monica Castro. “I just grab my scarf, throw on my hood, heaven usually doesn’t hold me back.”

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For Galleria shoppers who don’t want to walk outside the mall, there is pickup at the side of its 20 stores.

“So you don’t even have to go out in the cold to find merchandise,” Holly Quartaro, with Galleria Dallas. “We’re seeing a lot of shoppers today. I think part of that is because of the cold weather and part of it is because school is out.”

“That was a lot of pressure for me to come out today. [REPORTER: Because it’s going to get freezing?] That’s right. And I know I’m not going out tomorrow, or the next day,” said Chandra Thomas.

For those who are yet to be finalized to go for the holidays, they said they will do everything possible.

“I’m going to pack and enjoy that,” Appleton added.

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