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Repairs are part of car ownership, and just as you have a budget for fuel, you should also have one for maintenance and repairs. However, with reliable models, you usually don’t have to worry about major repairs for the first few years of ownership. Among these reliable models are the Toyota Prius, which is less likely to need major repairs than the brand’s extensive lineup.

Toyota Prius is likely to require major repairs

A black Toyota Prius with the least chance of major repairs.
Toyota Prius Toyota Motor Sales, USA, Inc.

According to CarEdge, there is a 1.16% chance that your Toyota Prius or Toyota Prius Prime will need a major repair within the first year of ownership. Naturally, the longer you own a car, the more likely a major repair will be needed. Thus, by the end of the 10th year, the probability of required repairs increases to 11.22%.

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