Only 2 cars beat out the 2023 Toyota Camry as US News’ best midsize cars to buy now | Jobs Reply

The iconic Toyota Camry has sat at the top of many midsize sedan rankings for years. With an aggressive new look, stunning driver-assistance technology and renowned reliability, the latest iteration of the Camry has impressed many. However, times have changed. US News & World Report ranked the 2023 Toyota Camry third in its class, below the 2023 Kia K5 and 2022 Honda Accord. Here’s how they stack up against each other.

2022 Honda Accord vs. 2023 Kia K5 vs. 2023 Toyota Camry: Performance and Fuel Economy

While speed and acceleration aren’t standard, mid-size sedan benchmarks, it’s still good to know if the car will get out of its own way. The base model of the 2022 Honda Accord features a fully capable, 192-horsepower turbocharged 1.5-liter four-cylinder. With a continuously variable automatic transmission and front-wheel drive (FWD), the powertrain is smooth and refined for everyday driving.

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