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Robot vacuums today come in all shapes and sizes. Some work as vacuum cleaners while others are combo units that can vacuum and mop your floor. We have tested many of these smart devices and today, we report to you on a vacuum cleaner that can vacuum and mop your floor. Proscenic, a global manufacturer of smart home appliances, sent us its Robot Vacuum 850T and we tested this new device in a real home with normal connectivity and a few dogs. Here’s what we learned.

What is Proscenic 850T Robot Cleaner and Mop?

Proscenic’s latest robot vacuum model is the 850T robot vacuum. This robot vacuum comes with 3000Pa suction power, 500ml dust box, 2600mAh rechargeable battery, IPNAS 2.0 Smart mounting system, and Vboost technology.

What is IPNAS 2.0 Smart suite? This is the Proscenic mapping system. It uses systematic positioning and mapping to clean your floor. This technology helps map an efficient path for the robot vacuum to clean your floor efficiently. Where some brands might map the room by going in all directions, the 850T creates a path by going back and forth to ensure it cleans the entire room precisely.

What is Vboost Proscenic technology?

photo of a Proscenic 850T robot vacuum vacuuming floors and carpetsVboost Technology is used to help the 850T know when to increase the suction power when riding.Proscenic

It is the technology that helps your robot vacuum recognize when it is on a carpet so that it can increase the suction power to maximum mode. This will ensure that the vacuum can clean the carpet completely. And when it leaves the carpet, this technology will adjust the suction power back to the previous suction mode.

And how many suction and cleaning modes does the 850T have available to users? The 850T comes with four suction and cleaning modes. There is car cleaning, spot cleaning, edge cleaning, and mopping. Each of these has a different suction method that you can control with the provided canap or Proscenic. Note that the app is available for both iOS and Android devices.

For the mopping method, the 850T comes with a 300ml water tank and a cloth that you attach to the water tank. When you are ready to mop, you will need to remove the litter box and insert the water tank. Then activate the mopping mode. Your robot vacuum will now begin to map the floors.

Additional features include cliff sensors to detect stairs or steps while cleaning. The 850T also has a compact and flat design. It’s only 8.3cm high, which is helpful when cleaning those hard-to-reach places under your cabinets or furniture.

Finally, the 850T robot vacuum has a maximum runtime of 120 minutes and can also map your nice floor

photo of Proscenic 850T Robot Vacuum Cleaner at the top of the stairsThe cliff sensors on the 850T help keep the robot safe from falling down the stairs.Proscenic

Smart Home Integration

The Proscenic 850T Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Mop works with the two major voice platforms, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. When you link the Proscenic app to the Alexa and Google Home apps, you’ll be able to use voice commands to control your 850T. In addition to turning your 850Trobot vacuum on and off, you can use voice commands to select the cleaning mode, suction power and tell the robot vacuum to go to the charging station.

How to set up the 850T robot vacuum

To get started, first unbox the robot vacuum and find a flat surface with an outlet nearby. Then plug in the charging dock and mount it against the wall. The charging dock comes with a trunk for you to store any extra wire that is exposed after plugging into the charging dock. Next, you need to attach the side brushes to the bottom of the vacuum. The brushes snap in when you press them.

Once the brushes are attached, go to the side of your robot vacuum and turn on the main power switch. Then place the robot on the charging dock. Once the metal charging contacts under your robot vacuum are on top of the metal charging contacts on the docking station, you will hear a series of tones. Now you are ready to download the Proscenic Home app from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android).

Once you download the app and create an account, you can start cleaning. Note that you can use the app or the supplied remote to control your 850T robot vacuum. But you’ll need the Proscenic Home app to connect to your home Wi-Fi network as well as the Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice platforms. The 850T works on both Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz) and Bluetooth wireless connections.

photo of a Proscenic 850T robot vacuuming a wooden floorProscenic 850T works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant enabled devices.

Robot Vacuum Cost 850T

The list price for the Proscenic 850T robot vacuum is $239 and is available on the company’s website and on Amazon. Is this a good price for a robot vacuum? This is a good price. For example, the yeedi vac 2 is a robot vacuum that can clean and mop your floor just like the 850T. However, it lists for $349.99 on Amazon.


How did the robot vacuum 850T in our test? He did well. When it was emptying, it cleaned very well, and it wasn’t very loud. It was much quieter than our 2019 iRobot Roomba 690 robot vacuum. The mop function was okay, but we haven’t found a robot vacuum with killer mopping capabilities. The mopping performance is like running a mop over your floor. No real deep cleaning.

When we finished cleaning and went to empty the bin, it was easy to find the bin, and we had no problem emptying the bin. And the battery life was decent for a net only.

We also tested the voice commands. Since our test home was a Google Home, we tested using voice commands. The 850T responded to our voice commands and we had no problem with it not understanding any of the other commands like “go to station”.

But the one feature that impressed us was the Vboost technology. When the 850T went from floor to carpet, the transition went very smoothly. The suction power increased while on the carpet and did a great job of cleaning the rug.


When buying a robot vacuum, we suggest you look for a device with good suction power, easy setup, efficient mapping, noise level, and long battery life. And if you have pets, you want to know if the robot vacuum was designed with this in mind. The Proscenic 850T robot vacuum is a good and reliable robot vacuum with good suction power, easy setup, and can adjust its suction power when moving from floor to carpet to floor. The price is right and it is quiet when running (about 60dB).

As for the mobile app, it needs work. We found it difficult to use and it was easier to use remote or voice commands with Google Assistant enabled devices. However, the overall experience was good. We had a bunch of dogs in the house and every time we ran the robot vacuum, it picked up all the hair. And we know this because we had to empty the bin after each cleaning.

If you are looking for a good and reliable robot vacuum that can mop, sweep and vacuum your floor and is quiet while doing it, we recommend you take a look at the Proscenic 850T Robot Vacuum. It is easy to use and long battery life is important to have in a robot vacuum.


  • vboost technology – automatically adjusts suction power based on floor type
  • Quiet (60dB)
  • Long battery life


  • The bad mobile app experience
  • There is a small dustbin
  • They have to change tanks from mopping to vacuuming

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