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Samantha Foss is an entrepreneur in the technology industry. In the following article, Samantha Foss discusses the Internet of Things in the home, and the devices that are revolutionizing home life.

The latest data shows that the global smart home market is worth $78.34 billion. Analysts believe that the main drivers behind the market’s exceptional growth are more affordable costs, increased desire to have a connected home, and ever-improving technology.

And with the market expected to reach $87.98 billion by the end of 2023, it appears to show no signs of slowing down. Consumers can already buy dozens of products to bring the Internet of Things (IoT) into their homes, and more devices will be on the way as the world drives into the future of home automation.

Samantha Foss on IoT Devices and Systems Revitalizing Already Domestic Life

Homes are where people’s hearts are. Samantha Foss says these are the places to build identities, to feel immeasurably comfortable, and to know that things will always work out. They are havens – and IoT devices and systems allow them to be more beneficial and safer than ever before.

With new and exciting smart home technology constantly hitting the market, Samantha Foss says the seven devices below have shown the most promise and benefits over others (although this is by no means an exhaustive list):

Google and Amazon Voice Controllers

Samantha Foss says most people in the developed world are familiar with Google and Amazon voice controllers. Since their birth, they quickly became a family essential for those looking to bring the Internet of Things into their homes.

Google’s model allows users to enjoy a wealth of features such as songs and podcasts, lights, thermostats, volume, and alarms just by using their voice.

Likewise, Amazon’s voice controller allows users to play songs, call loved ones, manage alarms, ask questions, check the weather, manage shopping lists, and control connected home appliances.

August Smart Lock

Samantha Foss says there are hundreds of smart locks, but the August Smart lock has made waves for its reliability and security.

No matter where users are, they can control their doors with ease. Users can easily keep thieves out and keep their families safe by knowing who comes and goes through their homes.

Samantha Foss says the automatic unlock feature remains a solid choice, opening automatically when eligible users stand at the door.

Kuri mobile robot

Kuri is the original domestic robot and maintains its most popular status. Complete with expressive eyes, heart lights, and cap touch sensors, it captures heartfelt five-second moments of home life in HD.

Samantha Foss says the robot quickly learns house floor plans and understands users’ favorite moments through the app. Kuri ensures families never miss special moments by capturing friends, relatives and pets without prompts or orders.

The bot also comes with a speaker, allowing users to listen to their favorite audiobooks, songs and podcasts, no matter where they are at home.

Nest Learning Thermostat

Samantha Foss reports that the Nest thermostat meets homeowners’ desires for easy heating and cooling.

Once set, the thermostat adapts its temperature according to the families daily activities and controls the temperature of each room based on daily routines.

Samantha FossMr. Coffee Smart Coffee

Powered by WeMo, Mr. Coffee Smart Coffee allows users to schedule brew times to ensure they have hot, fresh coffee whenever they want it.

The WeMo app syncs with the machine seamlessly, giving people the option to brew coffee from their car in time for them to get home.

Singlecue Gesture Controller

The Singlecue is a universal remote that uses gestures to control home theater systems and lighting without voice or pressing buttons.

While it may look like a speaker, it’s actually a gesture-sensing control with a built-in camera and LCD display.

Through the app, users can add all their home theater and lighting devices. After setup, residents don’t need to use the app to control systems – just hand gestures.

#7 Footbot Indoor Air Quality Monitor

Footbot monitors indoor pollution, enabling better air quality. After measuring the level of pollution, the sleek device cleans the air, keeping humidity and temperature in check.

The Future of Homes IoT Automation

Samantha Foss says the future of IoT in the home is extremely bright. Experts believe that in a decade the home will have everything automated from robotic kitchen arms to energy-efficient light walls to smart showers to shape-shifting furniture to rollable TVs.

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