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San Francisco, CA, Dec. 13, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Dr. Jonathan Scott, CTO of HCE, said at a global conference: “I am very pleased to announce that the company Helium has launched the 5G project very soon, with no electricity costs or room fees. Together in HCE, people can choose different ways to build the infrastructure of Web 3.0. In this ecosystem, people can choose between $100 and $5000 to participate in the construction of Helium 5G hotspot. Get relatively the HNT reward from Helium.

HCE has many differences from the period of the Helium 4G system or other external groups. For example hotspot setting density, device efficiency and wifi antenna. Helium’s operational team has maintained the principle of optimal feasibility to improve POC (Proof of Coverage) correction. Wipe out lewd organizations that still used the name of wireless mining or computing power sharing. Bring the consensus elite together to understand the core value of helium. That is, to create the network of people by setting up hotspots everywhere. Through POC, the HNT was dropped as a reward to place Helium Network around the world.

HCE has established the right set of values ​​to unite global wireless device manufacturers and consensus elites. Although it is the brand new cloud sharing economy model. HCE plans to set up 100,000 to 300,000 5G hotspot devices and is already preparing the preliminary work for the capital market. Step by step to a strong foundation.

About the Helium Cloud Ecosystem:

Helium Cloud is a human-powered network that represents a paradigm shift for decentralized wireless infrastructure. It is an open source blockchain network used to power the internet from devices with wireless connectivity. Helium has officially passed its market value of 5 billion.

The more sales and the simpler the process, the less cost and no installation. Join HCE, open up the new age of the internet without further delay!


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