SecurityGen launches 5G cybersecurity lab for telecom security teams to study 5G technology | Jobs Reply

SecurityGen, the award-winning global provider of security solutions and services to the telecom industry, today announced the opening of its new 5G Cyber-Security Lab. This lab is an innovative solution designed to help MNO security teams explore and understand 5G networks, enabling them to prepare and protect their networks from potential security threats.

The 5G Cyber-Security Lab is a compact simulation of a 5G environment with all the key components of 5G, enabling security teams to study telecom technologies in detail and safely explore the environment. SecurityGen created the Cyber ​​Security Lab as a training platform for MNO security teams to research and expand their knowledge of 5G and associated threat vectors, as well as to test and validate solutions and techniques to ensure a secure rollout of 5G networks and use cases.

Commenting on the launch, SecurityGen co-founder and CTO Dmitry Kurbatov said: “The thinking behind the 5G cybersecurity lab is based on simple logic – to achieve something new, you need to get the subject right. This also applies to 5G networks.”

“With our deep expertise in telecom security, we designed this lab to focus on providing MNO security teams with a simple, cost-effective, and security-focused environment that is the perfect setup for them to test, understand, and better understand their networks Prepare and protect against the security threats associated with 5G,” he explained.

“Coming directly from our R&D team, who used this simulated environment to explore the 5G security context, our new lab is uniquely aimed at the security teams within network operator groups. With the 5G Cyber-Security Lab, MNO security teams can now gain a deep understanding of how 5G can be hacked. The new lab helps them define a list of security requirements and allows them to try and test efficient ways to protect the network from potential threats.

“While there are many simulation platforms for IT, the 5G Cyber-Security Lab excels in simulating telecom infrastructure, which differs significantly from IT network environments. The lab is the perfect facility for telecom security teams to test, understand, and better prepare for and protect against 5G-related security threats before, during, or after actual network deployment.

“We started with the idea of ​​building a ‘gym’ of sorts where MNO security teams could practice and perfect their 5G game. Our new lab is the ideal environment for operators to ensure a safe and successful transition from their legacy networks to 5G,” concludes Kurbatov.

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