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SAN DIEGO, Dec. 15, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Shopping for mom can be difficult during the holidays, but things just got easier with elago’s new products. Get mom the perfect gift that matches her favorite color, her wardrobe or her personality! From retro-themed accessories to cute pastel phone cases, elago will help make sure mom has a smile on her face when she opens her presents.

If you haven’t heard of elago, they are a well established company that has been operating out of San Diego, California since 2002. As a design company, elago focuses on creating useful and beautiful things. elago designers are instructed to create products that they would like to use. By doing so, they are confident that when the product reaches the hands of the customer, they will love it.

Over the years, the Apple iPad has evolved into a tablet that everyone can use. Whether it’s keeping recipes ready while cooking or streaming a new show, the iPad is so versatile in its use that it’s for the whole family. elago’s new Magnetic Folio cases have customer testimonials that say they’re as good as Apple’s due to their design quality and high-quality materials. Pair the Magnetic Folio case with elago’s Magnetic Stand for the perfect gift for the iPad user.

Magnetic Folio Case:

Magnetic iPad Stand:

Retro themed products have been a craze for quite some time now. Some of the best retro-themed accessories to hit the market have been created by elago designers. The elago W3 and W6 Stand will put a smile on anyone’s face when the Apple Watch is charging on it. Both stands are made from iconic Apple products – the W3 Stand looks like a 1987 Macintosh computer and the W6 looks like the iconic iPod. When the Apple Watch is on the stand it starts charging, just like any other charging stand, but what makes the stands special is that the screen of the Apple Watch turns into the screen of these historic Apple devices. It’s definitely something to see in person.

W3 Stage

W6 Stand:

elago has been creating phone cases since the first iPhone was introduced to the world by Steve Jobs. It goes without saying that as a design company elago is constantly innovating and creating the best cases. Whether you have the new iPhone 14 series or one of the older generations, the elago case line goes from highly protective to minimalistic without sacrificing beauty. Find the best style and color that suits mom perfectly.

AirPods have taken the world by storm and it’s now hard to go anywhere without seeing a pair in someone’s ears. Despite how widely used they are, there is a large portion of the user base that does not use charging cases. Many say that the cases take away from the beauty of the case, but the elago has a clear case that provides strong protection without compromising the beauty. Clear cases are great for displaying those custom documents. For those who care about protecting their charging case and AirPods, elago offers a crazy catalog of different styles and colors including retro-themed cases. Find the perfect case to make for Mother’s Day.

elago is a design company first and foremost. Their slogan is “simple craftsmanship” because they make useful and beautiful products. All of their designs are created in-house from scratch which ensures that the product you receive is detail oriented and functional.

elago started in San Diego, CA in 2002 and has received numerous international design awards including the Spark Awards and reddot Awards.


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