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It’s time to give, and Fall Guys is doing just that with its latest in-game event, The Gift Event As with past limited-time events, you’ll be able to complete specific missions for different rewards from exclusive events, all following a winter holiday theme for this particular event.

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The giveaway event will be available for longer than most events in the past. Until January 5, 2023. That said, completing event missions to get all possible rewards takes a lot of time and effort. But don’t worry, we’ve got everything you need to know to do just that.


Event Show: Gift Worm

Facing two hidden gifts in Fall Guy A Skyline Stumble level

There is one limited time show Along with this event, called Gift Grab. This playlist Works as a standard solo show, consisting of several familiar levels, but with an added twist.

Each level of the Gift Grab Show will contain Hidden Gifts, gifts that can be found and collected throughout the different maps. Despite their names, these gifts can mostly be found in plain sight, they usually don’t require you to collect them as you progress through each course.

The final round of the show to receive the gifts it will not have a Hidden Gift.

These Hidden Gifts play a big role in this event all event missions involving related tasks collecting them

Event Missions

Fall Guys Gift Grab Event page showing all event missions and rewards

There are ten different event missions Which can be completed during the Gift Taking Ceremony. As mentioned earlier, each of these missions requires you to complete the specific tasks involved Collect hidden gifts in Show Gift Grab.

You will need complete ten event missions if you want to get all available rewards. This is important to note because the Nutcracker costume is the last reward you’ll unlock for this event.

Completing each of these missions will give you 100 Nutcracker, the coin of this event used to redeem different rewards. Each of these missions can be found below with specific requirements to complete.

There will be some event missions blocked until others that are part of the set are completed for this event. These unlock requirements are included in the table below for those that apply.

Event Missions

Mission Name

The task of the mission

Unlocking conditions

First Present

Collect a hidden gift in Gift Grab.


Somewhat present

Collect a hidden gift in the second round of Gift Grab.

complete First Present mission

Very Present

Collect a hidden gift in the third round of Gift Grab.

complete Somewhat present mission

Always Present

Rank after collecting four or more Hidden Gifts.

complete Very Present mission


Qualify after collecting eight or more hidden gifts.

complete Always Present mission

20 Hidden Gifts

Collect 20 hidden gifts in Gift Grab.


50 Hidden Gifts

Collect 50 hidden gifts in Gift Grab.


100 Hidden Gifts

Collect 100 hidden gifts in Gift Grab.


200 Hidden Gifts

Collect 200 hidden gifts in Gift Grab.


500 Hidden Gifts

Collect 500 hidden gifts in Gift Grab.


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Event Awards

Fall Guys Nutcracker costume preview shows a Fall Guy wearing the costume

For this event, there are five different prizes that can be obtained, cosmetic items or in-game currency. Includes an exclusive event nutcracker costume, being the fifth and final prize you can win.

These five rewards can be obtained after completing different event missions, You must each collect a set number of Nutcracker hats to exchange them. Once you get the number of Nutcracker hats associated with a specific reward, you can simply get it Gift Grab Event by clicking on the prize on the main screen.

You will get the corresponding reward for each event by reaching the corresponding number of Nutcracker hats. That means you don’t have to spend that event currency to get themallowing the total to remain the same even after each prize is claimed.

Each of these event rewards can be found below with the number of Nutcracker hats required to unlock them.

Event Awards


Nutcracker hats required

Nicknamed “Gift Catcher”.


200 congratulations


“Nutcracker” costume Bottom


“Hidden Gifts” nameplate


“Nutcracker” Top Costume


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