Sivers Inks Development Agreement with Indian 5G Technology Provider | Jobs Reply

Sivers Semiconductors AB (Sivers) announced that its Sivers Wireless business unit has signed a US$320,000 (SEK 3.3 million) agreement to develop a novel 5G mmWave prototype to showcase a solution for the Indian 5G market.

The agreement includes the development of a 5G millimeter prototype based on Sivers’ latest highly integrated 5G mmWave RFIC and an antenna array integrated with the Intel Agilex baseband platform. The development project aims to deliver a series of prototypes within five months. The prototypes will be used in a field trial with one of India’s mobile operators. Following a successful field trial, it is expected that the customer will work with Sivers to further industrialize the design and prepare for volume production to serve the Indian market.

Spectrum auctions in India ended on August 1, 2022, with the 5G mmWave FR2 26 GHz band receiving INR 147 billion (US$1.87 billion) worth of bids. This has led to significant activity for the development of 5G mmWave infrastructure and devices in the Indian ecosystem in recent times. According to market research*, the rollout of 5G is expected to increase the revenue of India’s telecom industry (total revenue including service and total system sales) by INR 1 trillion (US$12 billion) every three years and the industry is expected to reach INR 10 trillion ($120 billion) by the end of the 20th century23

Anders Storm, Group CEO, Sivers Semiconductors
This agreement is interesting and important to Sivers for three reasons. The first and most obvious is that it is a proof that our new RFIC is leading the competition with its strong performance and high level of integration, especially in a highly competitive market like India. The second reason is that this activity will expose us to one of the top three telecom markets in the world and, assuming we are successful, we could see very interesting volumes in the not too distant future.

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