Small businesses in Montgomery are seeing a slow holiday shopping season amid the recession | Jobs Reply

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) – Whether you’re looking for a complete outfit or just a statement piece, Mela’s Boutique in Montgomery is said to have a little bit of everything, but owner Laura Tanveer says not many people come in to shop. .

“It’s been slow, I guess, but it’s like, it’s going on,” Tanveer said.

The small business owner has been running his store for 10 years, and he said the holiday shopping season has come with its own challenges.

“Inflation has been very bad,” Tanveer said. “But it’s actually cheaper to come and buy clothes than to buy groceries.”

The Associated Press reports that national retail sales fell 0.6% last month compared to the previous month. It is a sign that inflation may be affecting many families.

The Alabama Retail Association said the decline was expected and despite the numbers, Alabamians are likely to spend more this holiday season than last year.

“Most of the retailers I’ve talked to say they expect to close out the year very well,” said Nancy Dennis with the Alabama Retail Association. “It depends on what they’re doing.”

Many consumers rely on credit cards. Credit card debt has increased 15% in recent months, AP reports. People spend their money again.

“That may also decrease, so they rely less on the credit card,” said Dennis.

While many shoppers are looking to save, Tanveer emphasized the importance of shopping locally during the holidays.

“The city of Montgomery needs our local businesses to pay our sales tax,” Tanveer said.

He added that it is to contribute to the improvement of the capital.

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