Small Purchase Means Big Impact | Jobs Reply

Jonathan White, director of the Bentley Service-Learning and Civic Engagement Center and associate professor of sociology, offers these tips to support small and local businesses – any time of year.

1. Shop at local farmers markets. Supporting local farms means local economic development and investment in the healthy food system. It also means great savings for the planet as it reduces the carbon footprint and small farmers tend to be better stewards of the planet.

2. Eat at locally owned restaurants. Skip the big restaurant and opt for a meal at a locally owned restaurant. Chances are good that food will be better. Like all small businesses, local restaurants also tend to have a larger goal of contributing to the local community and economy.

3. Buy gift cards from local businesses for holiday gifts. What better way to celebrate your friends, family, and coworkers than to give a gift certificate to shop locally?

4. Always do your research. Is there a small or local business that carries the product you are looking for? If so, buy your product there rather than from a large or non-local business.

5. Use your social media and personal and social networks to grow small and local businesses. Once you’ve found a great local store, restaurant or service provider, let everyone know about it and encourage them to check it out.

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